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Ok so I have asked before but hopefully this will be the last time.

Some months ago I posted about the fact that my shifter was very loose. I was told it was probably the alignment pins. So I removed the shifter and every since I havn't been able to get it back together correctly. I canusually get it back together and it works for a little while then one of the pins comes out again and it stops working. Or it will stop wanting to go into one of the gears. Someone told me to try putting it in second before taking it apart but when I did this I couldn't seem to get the shifter back in correctly without pushing the pins out all the way,

Anyways fast forward to tonight. It has been going ok except that it wouldn't go into reverse. So I took it apart and tried putting it together in reverse. Well now is is stuck in reverse. I can't seem to get the shifter and the pins aligned just right to be able to get it out of reverse. Anyone have any ideas?

I just want to get it so I can at least get it into first so I can try to limp it into the shop to see if they can fix the problem. I have spend at least 50 or so hours on it and I am sick of pulling it and putting it back together to no avail. Any advice is welcomed thanks.
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