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well, it is kinda a PITA, but can be done farily easy.

i am shipping this 77.5 front D60 through foreward air to florida.
max length is 80", amnd the axle length is 79 3/4" so it is close!
i took a pallat, timed it in half along the one middle 2x4.

then i nailed 80" long 2x4's on each side. i raised them up to even with the tops of the slates of the original pallet plates so forks can still get underneath it
i then put 2x4's on the inside of my length extenders so i could nail down slates like a regular pallet. i did this top and bottom.
Build it strong! my axle i am shipping weights 540 lbs.

then i set my axle on. works best upside down, so the pinion is closer to being down.
i then nailed in boards under the pinion, under the housing, and under each spring perch. i also nailed 4x4's next to the rotors so the steering CANNOT turn at all.

i then found a 40 year old bander under the bench, but i had never even seen this thing before, or knew how it worked. to bad i had no banding and clips, and no one sells it on a weekend. went to menards and they let me buy 30' of 3/4" banding and a bunch of clips.

o then just wrapped 2 bands around the long side tube out by the knuckle, then two criss crossed around the housing. one holding the pinion down, and then another wrapped though the short side tube kunckle.
its not going anywhere!

my only conren with you guys now is acually trieng to get this thing into your pickup, your bronco or on your trailer. its gonna suck.....
i am just going to hook our laoder chain onto the axle housing and pick the whole thing up to set it in my truck.
i will get a completed shipping weight on this soon.

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I would sereously cincider building a crate by boxing the axle in on the pallot. Trust me, I ship 100+ orders/day at work and I can almost garantee you some dumbass will snip the banding on that skid because it will take up less freight space on a trailler.

Easy insurance it wont get F'd with.

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when i got my D60/D60s they were on a pallet that was on a pallet and wrapped with clear shrink wrap. i think it was ABF. $300 for both from CT to KS...
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