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Short in the headlight wiring triggering, or ???

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Ok, well im looking at buying a 1990 Bronco 302, aod. Theres some problem on it that makes the headlights/interior lights go on and off randomly.

PO said:
Ok well heres the deal. Not to long ago my headlights and interior lights started to randomly go off and on when I would have my headlights on at night. I'd be driving down the road and randomly they would turn off for a few seconds and then come back on, which is not cool at all, especially because I live in bumf$%^ with streets that have no lighting on them. I've done a search to see what could possibly be the problem but havent found anything that really sounds related. Anyone have any ideas???
There is the problem the owner posted.

Steve says it is this in response to his post
Steve83 said:
You either have a short in the headlight wiring triggering the H/L switch's internal circuit breaker, or the H/L switch terminals are burning.
To fix it, suspect for shorts - visual inspection followed by diagnosis with a meter &/or test light.

Typically, you'd start by disconnecting the circuit, but in this particular case, it's a lot of work to get to the headlight switch connector, so I'd put that off until I had checked some easier stuff.

Most of this covered in Haynes in the last chapter.
Steve83 said:
It's very rare for that design of Ford headlight switch to go bad - it's the connector terminals, on your wiring harness. Did you inspect them when you changed the switch? Otherwise, it's a short under the hood tripping the switch's CB.

The owner shows me this box looking thing with a bunch of copper plugs on one side of it, and says they are either bad or the thing that it plugs into. The box is behind the headlight switch. I think atleast.

Is changing the connector terminals hard, aent they connected to the harness? Im very confused when it comes to electronics, especially since I never did anything like this. How hard is this? Iam getting over my head? Has anyone else did this before? I searched but never got exactly what I posted. If you remember the wording of a thread with this same question let me know.

Here is the thread, you will probably have to read this to understand what im talking about.
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lol, my manual is in another state. So I did NOTHING, lol!:toothless

I cant tear the guys dash apart, im just looking to buy it. Im trying to deciede if I should buy it with this problem.
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