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They do fit in an 88 f250 regular cab, but I cant remember quite how. Pretty sure they used the factory holes in the floor. I bought a parts truck with this setup.

Mustang seats are an easy swap onto your seat bases.

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Yo Bryce,
As nekkidhillbilly advised.
Installation pic (99 Chevy Silverado) in a 79

Source: by chero65 (******)

Installation Info (04 Expedition): "...put in seats outta an 04 expedition. They are very comfortable and the drives is power, but I had to make brackets for them. Worst of all, they don't fold forward so access to the rear seat is much harder..."
Source: by GearHead who recommended EXPLORER seats.

Installation (Explorer) in a 92; "...all you have to do is remove four bolts to remove the Explorer seats from there frames and bolt onto 92'-95' Bronco seat frames. also, replaced the drivers side reclining latch with the one off my old seats. Purfect fit..."
Source: by GunDude at FSB

Installation Info & pic (Explorer) in an 89; "Hardest part was drilling the holes and leveling the seats so there was no binding; Only one hole lined up for me, so I had to drill the other three. I did bend the front bracket a little to get it to contour a little better to the floor. Also, I would attach the front two bolts first, then drill the rear and shim level as needed. Other than that, it was pretty simple. I also put in a separate fuse block for the seats and my CB so I didn't have to run too much wire or tap into another source. Not sure what model mine were from, but tilting the seat forward and scooting it up all the way allows fairly easy access to the back from the passenger side. My driver's seat tilt lever is broke, so I haven't been able to test that side, but my old seats didn't tilt far enough either, so I never had anyone getting in on that side. Also, I removed my center console, so it's really easy to just climb over the front seat and crawl through the middle. At least with my electric Explorer seats, there was no easy way to unbolt just the floor brackets and keep the motors and such intact..."
Source: by hmthesing (Hunter T)
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