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Sketchy time on trail

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The over all video is not great but the end made a pucker

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That I did. It did not feel like it moved nearly that far.
The line is odd with that hole on the passenger side. Here is the whole attempt.
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There should be a different angle of it I just need the video. Sometimes I get a bit stupid on the trail.
True. But once I was hooked up I knew I was not going over so I had to try the last hump.
Yes I was at 12psi. All the weight was on the back end. Oh and thanks. I wish I could take the credit for the build.
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Here are a couple of more vids. the first also sketchy.

The second and 3rd just climbing

Good to see you out wheeling that rig. She's definitely you have a front selectable locker, or is it a trutrac??First video must have been a little tense the way you slid over, nice recovery..

What trail are you on?
ARB in the front. Detroit rear. It is call Spring Creek. SPRING CREEK -
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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