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Do you have any of the rest of the hardware include for the $300?

If you do are you accepting offers?
No just the arms. I was going to use them on a D60 I still have and its for sale as well. I wanted to use studs since I planned to ram assist the system. I also have the steering box plumbed listed for sale. As you can see through my listings, I have heavy duty parts to assemble a great Bronco.

These arms are solid billet steel and machined from a steel block. Check out Sky Mfring's website. I don't see these listed there for the D60 setup. However, they have something similar for the Dedenbear knuckles. That price is for each not the pair. Look at their other high steer arms.
Let me know your zip and I'll check on the shipping. Still got to get a box. Paypal is accepted.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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