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Sliders Finally Installed

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Well, it's only taken about 3 weeks, but they're finally on. I would first like to thank Alan (Gearhead) for taking time out of his Sunday to help me do this. Drilling 16 holes through a frame was no easy task. Any way, the pic says it all. Dave did a great job with these slider, the full weight of the Bronco is resting on it in this pic and the back was just about to pick up. A word of advice to those about to undertake installing these. Rest up the day before, you'll need it. More pics on my SuperFord site.

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Yeah, drilling those holes was definitely the worst part of that whole experience. I probably should have sported for the better bit, but I spent all the money on the sliders, a side note, I spent almost $50 bucks just in hardware... Don't worry, they will get tested out hopefully the week after next at Mudtoberfest.
Shane, as far as measurements and everything, check out my SuperFord.. What I did was measure four inches back from the bottom of the front wheel well and mounted there. This made the rear of the slider mount flush with the rear wheel well.

The passenger side was the easiest, there is just the one fuel return line to move out of the way before drilling, its held in place by a couple of plastic clips that can actually be replaced once the slider is mounted.

The driver's side is a whole other ball game. Towards the front there is a fuel hose bracket that has to bolts that come through the frame. This needs to come off.

I just removed the nuts, pushed the bolts through the hole to get it out of the way. When you are drilling here, start on the bottom and make sure you have someone to hold any of the hoses out of the (drill slowly!!)

The rear pad mount, goes through the frame near the spot where the fuel filter bracket bolts through the frame. Remove these bolts, you will be able to put one back but not until trimming the front one down. On this mount we drilled the top hole first, as there was nothing in the way of the bit. The bottom ones were a little more tricky.

One thing I have noticed is a creaking sound coming from the front, it sounds like where we remounted the fender, it only happens really bad under breaking. Any suggestions, maybe I need to put a rubber washer or something there.
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For you guys with them installed, what did you do about your e-brake cables. I didn't care when I put mine on cause I never used the thing, but now with the winch I need it again. Yours still working good? :shrug
Looking good :thumbup :thumbup :beer
gobucs1 said:
For you guys with them installed, what did you do about your e-brake cables. I didn't care when I put mine on cause I never used the thing, but now with the winch I need it again. Yours still working good? :shrug

they didnt effect the brake cable. the sliders just fit around them.
Jeremy's going to get pictures of that for me, because I knew it'd be a matter of time before someone asked about that

those are mine
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looks good :thumbup
Dustin said:

those are mine
That is basically mine but the 91 has an adjustable screw piece that hits the sliders. It is on the single cable connecting it to the metal piece. I will get a pic tomorrow when the sun is up.
Finally got the pics, here you go..this is the front. Still have two holes to drill..

notice the ebrake cable goes right over top.

Here is the back, with a little effort the pad fits right in between the two cables.

This is behind the rear pad, obviously has to be pulled out of the way before drilling.
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Here is my mess

Hopefully those pics helped
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lol, steve, you were supposed to trim your adjusment bolt, and leave off the spring
Yea prob, I am supposed to do a lot of things. I will try that some time this week when I have time. Thanks
Mine are mounted just like Brians. But I dont have the ebrake cables let alone an ebrake.
Couldn't you trim the bolt and use a smaller spring going to the slider "arm"??:shrug
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