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Last week I changed my front brake pads on my bronco before making our camping trip to the mountains on memorial day weekend, because there were some steep roads up and down i had to travel. Prior to changing the pads, my front brakes seemed to have a issue when using brakes to make a complete stop. (last several months its been doing it). worked normal when braking to slow down, but from time to time right before vehicle comes to a dead stop, i could feel a small bounce or pulse on the pedal and seemed to pull slightly to one side right before dead stop.
So i changed the front pads and only visually inspected both rotors. they looked OK, nothing obviously grooved, so i just changed the pads without turning the rotors. the old pads were about 25% left and wear on all 4 pads were about the same.
Yeah, so i discovered im still having the same issue. a tiny jitter bounce felt on the brake pedal on a few braking to dead stop. only does it randomly a few times. most of the time the brakes work normal. can tell its coming from the front brakes, it slightly pulls to one side while the pedal pulses about 2-4 times within that given second right before stopping completely.
I dont have any leaks anywhere, and i did bleed the brakes anyway just to be sure there was no air in the lines.
Ive asked around and ive been told the rotors may be uneven, slightly damaged or warped, or i may have a booster/vacuum/master cylinder issue that it causing this.

what do you guys think? should i check the rotors more thoroughly and feel for any tiny grooves or worn or warped areas if this sort of problem sounds like rotor issues? I have had the truck for over 4 years and have never changed the brakes until now. or should i check the brake booster/master cylinder first and how do I go about testing it?

any suggestions again would be appreciated. thanks guys.
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