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Smog Pump

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Hello all, since I am new here I wanted to post some questions. I have just bought a 1990 Ford Bronco and the Smog Pump is disconnected and squels like a champ. Is this pump necessary? Should I replace it or just remove the pump and get a smaller serpentine belt. This is my first in a long line of questions with this new project. Thanks for everyones help!
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Ok, I didn't mean to start an argument or anything I am just wondering what to do because 1) The pump hoses are not hooked up and 2) It is sqeuling like a champ. I just wnt to know if it is easier to replace the pump and rehook the hoses or take the pump off entirely and get a new serpentine belt that will make up for the removing the smog pump. Thanks in advance once again. I am looking for a tailgate that has no rust on it or the rust in not all the way through but i live in Michigan.
Where can I find a new one of these then because the cat converter is still on the truck and how mouch would a new one be?
So replace the pump and reconnect to the cat or remove entirely. Gas milage is important to a point because I am using this vehicle as a fire department vehicle.
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