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maybe sticky worthy? but doubt it

i have a basic craftsman tool set that goes to 15/16 i believe,
also have a 5lb mini sledge for other work such as u-joints and etc.
4x4 socket for wheel bearings
tin snips
wire cutters
4 way lug wrench.

so what some size sockets/tools that are recommended for beyond a standard tool set? Mainly for use on the truck, on the trail and at the pick n pull? so portable to keep on you.

i know/think the front coil spring retainer bolt and radius arm nut is 1 1/8" deep socket, then i got a larger deep socket for the sensors(can"t remember the size but works for the water temp sensor and some other ones)

so what are the socket sizes for say the
the transfer case flanges/yoke?
rear leaf springs(front leaf springs for a f250/350) and U-bolts?
ttb brackets(to replace the bushings) at pivots points? (need 1 or 2 sockets)

anything else i missed, mainly looking for recommend hand tools/socket sizes beyond a standard tool set. not really looking for power tools, welders, and etc.

thanks for responding.:thumbup
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