This is a 2wd C6 tranny that was behind a 425hp 460 that was in my old F150. I had planned on using it in my F100, but I've decided that I won't be putting a bbf in it, so I'm offloading my bbf specific parts.

There's nothing wrong with it that I know of, but it has been sitting for several years. Most of that time was in the truck itself and then in storage once it was pulled. The 460 it was behind died and I kept the tranny to reuse again. I don't know for sure how many miles I put on it, but I would estimate around 40k miles over the course of 10-11 years.

The Hughes converter in it is rated for 2000-2200 rpm depending on how heavy your vehicle is.

It has a shift kit in it, but its pretty mild. The shifts are quick and firm, but they do not chirp the tires. I just wanted a positive feel without going overboard.

Asking $200. Prefer local pickup please. This is something that would have to be crated in order to ship.