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SOLD⚠⚠⚠ CA , 1994 Bronco XLT w/ Tow Package. 18k


Hello all,

With sincere sadness the time has come for me to part with my Bronco :( I have spent the past two years (and goodly portion of my income over that time lol) bringing the beast back to life from a PO that could've treated it better. Below you will find a detailed run down on the truck, please take your time to read it in full, as it will hopefully save both you and I time. Should you have other questions or want to see more pictures please feel free to ask and I will respond :)

*The following is a copy of my Craigslist advertisement*

With sadness I have decided to put my 1994 Ford Bronco XLT up for sale. I have spent countless hours and thousands upon thousands of dollars bringing this beast back to life and making it a truly unique truck that is fun to drive and reliable as can be, there really is nothing like it out there. I guarantee you will turn heads like a Lamborghini, but unlike an exotic sports car you can go anywhere with this truck, and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to hop in and drive across country, or up to Alaska, or down to the tip of South America, on or off-road, it's ready. I've decided to sell for the sole reason of saving to buy a house. I own the title, and the title is clean. My asking price is 18k, I am open to negotiate with reasonable offers.

I will try to list everything I've done to the truck as well as what will be included with sale, but first lets get some of the general information out of the way so you can get an overall idea of the transformation:

The truck has approximately 17,000 miles on a good clean rebuild and runs strong and smooth. The truck passes smog with ease and throws no fault codes (code reader will come with truck). Everything electronic works, front driver and passenger and tailgate glass is new with new window motors and regulators as well as new electronic side view mirrors. The AC system and cooling system including heater core is all new, AC blows nice and cold and Heat blows good and hot. I swapped out the original gauge cluster because the odometer had a failing display, so the odometer reading is not true to the truck (chassis has approximately 170k miles on it). The new gauge cluster also allowed me to use Fords PSOM programming to calibrate the speedometer for the larger tires, the truck has been re-geared for the larger tires and has 4.88's front and rear and is a ton of fun to drive with lots of low end grunt and the ability to happily cruise with or pass traffic on the freeway. The front end of the truck has been completely rebuilt with MOOG parts and Rancho 9 way adjustable shocks, the rear also has new rancho shocks. The steering system is completely new and upgraded for no slop and easy turning of larger tires. The braking system is also new, including a new 4WABS (took nearly 3 months to find that!) The automatic transmission has been serviced and lightly upgraded and shifts firm and smooth without any slippage. 4x4 works like a champ, has upgraded manual hubs and lockers both front and rear with approximately ~2000 miles on everything, this beast will take you anywhere you want to go regardless of terrain or weather. I completely stripped the truck down and raptor lined the inside, outside, and interior, the truck is rust free and has a straight frame and a great body. I replaced all the weatherstripping with a new weatherstripping kit from Bronco Graveyard. The interior has been refreshed with new carpet, new headliner, new upholstered bench seats with seat heaters in the front (not wired yet), and all interior panels have been painted to match. I have upgraded all interior and exterior lights to LEDs, as well as put in a bluetooth / hands-free headunit and new speakers. I have also upgraded alternator and the main power and ground cables (Big 3) for better electrical flow and operation of any future electrical add-ons or upgrades. The tires are basically new 35x12 General Grabber AT2's sitting on Mickey Thompson III's 15x10 with approximately 2000 miles on them, the spare has been replaced with the same setup. The truck has also has 6 inch suspension lift and has slight fender trimming to clear even larger tires (Has had 37" tires with no rubbing). All fluids are either freshly flushed or well within intervals and have been swapped to synthetic. The truck will come with tons of extra stuff like a soft top, spare parts, and more things to upgrade that I did not end up getting around to.

Now I will get into a list of everything that has been done, is new, or will come with the truck:

Engine rebuild w/ ~17,000 miles
Transmission service ~ 2000 miles ago
Oil Changed ~1000 miles ago
New PSOM Gauge Cluster, reads 205xxx, chassis has ~170k
New Ignition and Door Locks Keyed the same
New PCV Valve
New EGR Valve
BBK Twin 56mm Throttle Body
New FelPro Throttle Body Gasket
New K&N FIPK2 Cold Air Intake System w/ Mid Grill Ford Factory Air Duct
New Water Pump
New Thermostat Housing
New Thermostat
New Radiator
New Locking Radiator Cap
New Radiator Hoses
New Heater Core
New AC Compressor
New AC Condenser
New AC Accumulator / Dryer
New AC Hoses
Fresh AC Charge
New MSD Ignition Coil
New MSD Distributor Cap
New Ford Racing 9mm Spark Plug Wires
New Spark Plugs
Timing set to stock 10BDC for smog, can be advanced to 13.5BDC for increased performance (sixlitre tune up)
6" Lift
35x12 General Grabber AT2 Tires w/ ~2000 miles
New Mickey Thompson Classic III's 15x10 Rims
4.88 gears Front / Rear
Aussie Locker Front
Detroit Locker Rear
Warn Manual Locking Hubs
New Differential / Transfer Case Fluids
New Punisher Valve Body
New Moroso Transmission Pan w/ Extra Capacity and Clearance
New FelPro Transmission Pan Gasket
New Transmission Fluid
New Starter
New Starter Relay
New Paint for Exterior, Interior, and Tub - all Raptor Liner
New Front End w/ Moog parts and Rancho 9 Way Adjustable Shocks
New Rancho Shocks Rear
New Brakes Front/Back/Parking
New Master Cylinder
New Brake Lines
New 4WABS Module
New Saginaw Power Steering Pump
New Redhead Steering Box
New Borgenson Steering Shaft
New Pitman Arm upgrade
New Steering Column Bearings
New Clockspring
New 3G 135 Amp Alternator
New Big 3 Wiring
New Battery Terminals
New Ford Factory Battery Insulation
New Kenwood Bluetooth / Hands-Free Headunit
New Pioneer Speakers Front / Rear
New Weatherstripping
New Driver Side View Electronic Mirror
New Passenger Side View Electronic Mirror
New Driver Side Window
New Passenger Side Window
New Tailgate Window
New Driver Side Window Motor and Regulator
New Passenger Side Window Motor and Regulator
New Tailgate Window Motor and Regulator
New Tailgate Window Dash Switch
New Exterior Door Handles
New Door Strikers
New Tailgate Strikers
New Door Latch Rods
New Tailgate Latch Rods
New Exterior Door Handle Surrounds
New Carpet Front / Mid / Tailgate
New Upholstered Bench Seats Front and Rear (Front seats heated, not wired)
New Headliner
New Bosch Icon Wiper Blades
New Headlight Housings
New Corner Light Housings
New Parking Light Housings
New Taillight Housings w/ Retrofit LEDs
New License Plate Light Housings
New LED Third Brake Light
New LED Interior Lights
New LED Exterior Lights
New LED License Plate Lights
New Clear Map Light Cover
New Rear Interior Cargo Light Housing
52" Curved Light Bar with reworked wiring and interior switch for cleanliness
New Short Antenna with Bottle Opener
New Step Bars
New Grab Handles
Rampage Soft Top
Haynes Repair Manual
Code Reader

INCLUDED WITH SALE (I'll list major items that have immediate value first):
PaceSetter Shorty Headers
Edelbrock Performer Upper
Edelbrock Intake Manifold
Catalytic Converter
Stock Captains Seats

As you can see from the parts above I have everything needed to really wake the truck up, just didn't get to it, but you can, or you can part it out, all those items are big ticket items and would sell fast. Tons of various parts for you to either keep for the future or sell, things that I took off and don't feel like parting out, things I gathered to replace or upgrade and didn't end up feeling the need to get to, such as the stock exhaust pipe I took off due to rattling, a couple extra grills (one OD green like the rest of the truck, one black billet), stock light housings, window regulators, windows, stock throttle body, gears, intake, manifold, wiring harnesses, sensors and senders, brackets, stock alternator, stock power steering pump, stock steering box, etc etc etc. Probably a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff in boxes is yours if you want it, otherwise I'll probably end up just tossing it or giving it away to another bronco owner who wants spares. It has value, but not worth my time parting out a hundred different items.

As you can see from everything above, the truck is truly awesome and ready to take anywhere without concern of a break down or failure. That being said, it is not perfect. I will go into detail on everything I can think of that irks me or could use attention.

The biggest item here is a leak from the Rear Main Seal, it isn't bad, but it does leak. I do not have to top off oil between changes, but it will drop a bit where it is parked and if you don't clean the underside often you will see it on places like the oil pan. This is the biggest deal with the truck and is the only leak on the truck. The truck will creak and groan when working the suspension, it is not dead silent like a new Jeep when taken off road. A little grease and you can quite it up nicely, but I haven't bothered with that in a while. The weatherstripping on the vent windows was a pain in the ass to install, it seals and you can use the vent windows, but I would consider getting another weatherstripping kit for the vent windows (70 dollars I think) and having a shop do it. From time to time you may have to give the shift selector a giggle to start the truck, not a big deal but I don't want you calling a tow truck because you think it won't start, the truck fires up like a champ with the new ignition, starter, and wiring. The typical spare tire carrier reinforcement spot could use a spot weld, I don't know how to weld or I would do it, wouldn't take more than 5 minutes if you know what to do. The exhaust pipe you see exiting the side is fine and functional, but if I were keeping the truck and going on with the performance mods I would redo the exhaust. There is random feedback from the stereo/speakers I haven't had time to trouble shoot. It is quite most of the time, but occasionally you'll hear it for a few seconds and then it'll go away. I think it has to do with either the antenna feed or the microphone. The Airbag light flashes, I've replaced the clock spring and all relevant fuses, but it still flashes. The fix is beyond my electrical skills. This is a common issue on bronco's, and has many different routes to fixing, I didn't feel like chasing them all down. You could just remove the LED bulb if it really bothers you. The ABS light flickers, I don't know a better way to describe it. I've had it checked out to ensure proper operation, and there is no fault, the system works fine, but the light still flickers, again, you could remove the bulb if it bothers you, but I kept it in so if a real fault shows up and it needs to actually light up I'd be aware. Lastly, I have not installed seat belts on the rear bench, as I usually run without the bench in the truck for greater capacity for overlanding / camping. I have the original shoulder belts, as well as lap belts, you can decide if you plan to regularly carry more than three people and want to install them and what style you want to install ( I got the lap belts for use with the top off or the soft top, I would recommend going with those, and if you want I can install them, its about a 10-15 minute job, really easy ).

This Bronco is set up for another 25 years of awesomeness, there is still room for you do things like a solid axle swap or a back up camera (I'll be including one) or whatever, but it really needs nothing. If you want a reliable, extremely capable, and truly unique Bronco let me know.

PS. I have TONS more pictures, if you'd like to see more of the truck or its actual transformation from when I started on it and the painting process, videos of things like the windows, 4x4, tailgate working, or anything else let me know.


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Here are some more photos of how it looked when I picked it up, and some of the build process:

First day picking it up

Took it out to the country to start working on it, here it was going through the paint process, while painting I was also taking care of a lot of other things like windows, doors, tailgate issues, etc.


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Sold. First person who actually came and test drove it bought it. Thanks to all who helped me along the way with building it back up, and thanks to the forum for providing a space for the immense wealth of knowledge.
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