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hey all, I have everything for a saginaw swap EXCEPT your engine/year specific bracket. Pump, pump cap, HP and LP hoses, and PS pulley included. This is a great and easy swap to upgrade your power steering. I sold the truck this was going to go in. To complete the kit, you just need to get a PS bracket from an E-series van of similar year/engine type. $110 shipped to continental US.



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Obviously the serpentine pulley is for 87+ I'm not sure if ALL engines used the same pulley for serp setups. V-belt setups all used different pulleys for each engine.

For those interested, the bracket breakdown is this

87-88ish used a 13mm socket for the AC on 302/351. After that, they went to a smaller bolt with 10mm head. The 302/351 bracket is the same. 300s and 460s each have their own bracket.

300 v-belt
302/351 v-belt model A (giant and ugly)
302/351 v-belt model B also fits 429/460 with a shorter spacer.
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