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Bronco is SOLD!

After a great deal of personal debate, I've decided it's time for me to move on from our Bronco. As we close in on retirement, I'm finding that we're doing less of what I built this Bronco for, and I need to focus my time and energies on the things we're doing more of.

The basics:

1992 Ford Bronco - Eddie Bauer, 351W (5.8L) V8, E4OD, 4.10s, 170,000 miles.


There are a number of threads here that I've posted over the years with many of the projects on this Bronco. I built it for real world trails, and if you’re looking for a rock solid OBS Bronco that you can drive, wheel and enjoy, you don’t need to look any further.

This is a life-long Arizona Bronco that I’ve owned since 2013. It’s not a shiny showroom survivor, and it’s not a tube-framed desert racer or rock crawler. Every bit of work on it, whether maintenance or modification has been aimed at improving the reliability and performance in the real world, on real trails. Everything was done properly, and no corners were cut.

In the last year/2000 miles, the entire front end was rebuilt with urethane bushings and 3/4 ton truck steering gear; brakes are entirely new from the booster to the brake pads; new wheel bearings and manual locking hubs. All 5 wheels and tires are new from 5/2020 and have 1100 miles on them. Also replaced recently were the fuel pump, radiator and heater core. The engine and transmission are stock. The engine runs strong, and the transmission works perfectly. Also in 2020, a manual shift transfer case was rebuilt and installed to allow flat towing.

Since this is an AZ truck, there is no rust. There’s a little patina on the undercarriage, but NO structural corrosion, and NO sheet metal rust. The sheet metal itself is straight. Exterior is currently Rustoleum Khaki… durable, cheap and easy to touch up if necessary.

The suspension has a Tuff Country 4” lift. Tires are Goodyear Duratrac Wranger 35s (315/75-16) on Black Rock 16x10 steel wheels. It has 4.10 gears, with the original Traction-lok differential in the rear, front is open.

This Bronco has a lot of custom modifications, starting with custom fabricated steel bumpers and rock sliders/steps. The front bumper is heavy sheet style construction with a center grille guard and was built around a 12000lb Badlands winch. The rear bumper is steel channel with double swingouts carrying the spare tire, 3 Scepter cans (2 fuel and one water) and a hi-lift jack. The rear bumper also incorporates rocker protection, and bright LED backup lighting. Both bumpers include heavy duty recovery points that are tied directly into the frame rails. The rock sliders/steps are frame mounted and provide a step into the truck, as well as a good spot to stand while washing the windshield.

The interior is in very good shape, much better than the typical Bronco of this age. The front seats have been replaced with seats from a 2012 Ram pickup. The driver’s side seat is power adjustable, and the passenger side uses the original Bronco slide/tilt mounting. The rear seat has been replaced by a custom platform, padded and carpeted, that I built for our dog. I also have the original rear seat, which is in excellent condition.

The stereo is a JVC head unit with USB/BT with Pioneer and Kenwood speakers. Nothing special, but it works fine. It is also equipped with a CB radio, and VHF/UHF/FRS/GMRS ham radio for trail comms.

In 2020 the electronic transfer case was swapped out for a manual shift BW1356 transfer case that was gone through before installation, using all original OEM parts. This was done for reliability, and also so we could flat tow the Bronco behind our RV. Included with the Bronco is a custom fabricated tow bar that integrates with the front bumper recovery points, as well as electric hookups and magnetic LED rear lights for use while towing.

Everything works on this Bronco… from the power windows to the cruise control. With one exception: the air conditioning. Last year I replaced the compressor, and in the process found that most of the original components were gummed up with crap, so I removed the entire system with the intent of replacing it this spring. The entire parts list is under $500 for R134 compatible parts to get it back to 100%, and they’re available just about anywhere.

I have maintenance records, and just about every receipt for everything that has been done to this Bronco in the last 8 years.

New in the last year/2500 miles:

Fuel pump
Brake booster, master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pads, shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, front lines, fluid
Front wheel bearings
Warn manual locking hubs
Manual BW 1356 transfer case
Urethane axle pivot bushings
Urethane radius arm bushings
¾ ton tie rods, ends, drag link
Heater core


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More pics.


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Nothing to add other then one of most reasonable for sale ads I have seen for awhile for one of these broncos. Good luck with sale.
Good pics too
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