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I've got these up on my local craigslist but thought I'd toss 'em up here, just incase someone around here can put 'em to use.

I bought these a few years ago for my lil' ladies '78 Bronco. At the time, we had some friends into Mud Boggin' and she thought she'd like to try it. Never happened and it's time to move on. They're 11 years old now, so they're going cheap, mounted, bead balanced and ready to roll.

Wheels: These 15x10, chrome, steel wheels are an old school design, once seen regularly on Ford Mustangs but these are setup for the 5x5.5 4x4 Ford or some older Jeeps. Set includes 4 solid, plastic center caps. Unlike on CL, I will add here that these wheels are a pain in the ass to mount and dismount. The inner circle of the outer lip overlaps the mounting studs by 1/2, restricting any access to the lug-nut with a straight socket. They require the use of a star-bar style socket. Beyond that, they're strong steel wheels that look good and very "classic".

Tires: 33x12.5x15 - Super Swamper TSL Radials are a solid road tire but they really shine in the deep muck of mud & snow. Tread depth sits around 12/32nd's on 3 but 1 is the now mounted spare, with hardly any wear at all. Still they are old and not perfect, so they're going cheap for someone who can put them to good use.

I'd like to get $450 out of the complete set or I'd be interested in trading the set for a more street friendly set. I'm willing to load and deliver the set within' a few hundred miles for no additional cost. Possibly more, depending on who you are and if I really want to meet ya. ;)










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