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Utah Broncospeed
1996 Bronco XL, 5.0 (N), E40D, Autofab long travel susp, Race-Runners 2.5" res. (6), 35x12.50R15
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Price: $33,900
Condition: Used - Great Condition

After 12 years of building, owning, and enjoying my 1996 Bronco XL Chase/Pre-Runner "Utah Broncospeed" truck, I’m finally going to put it up for sale! Even though this truck has been so much fun for my family and me, its’s time to move on to another project, so I’m starting the sales process right here with a bunch of folks that can truly appreciate this vehicle.

I’ve included ten photos below, as well as embedded the detailed attributes for the vehicle to give you a better idea of what I've put into this truck over the last 12.5 years. So that should answer most—if not all—of your questions. I have hundreds of other pictures as well, including the fabrication and build-out process when it was with my fabricators, dpcustomfab (Dustin Francis) and Ogive Industries (Josh Smario, formerly "Holeshot Off-Road") back in 2009-2010 here in SLC, Utah. Yes, it took a full year of meticulous work to complete the Phase 1 build: safety cage, suspension, bumpers, seats, etc. And yes, I instructed my fabricators to start with a safety cage, just in case I got stupid with the truck (which I did not…thankfully), I’d likely live to talk about it! Once the safety cage was built, everything else followed (read: form follows function.)

The 5.0 engine is fairly stock - but intentionally so. I've only enhanced it with some minor performance upgrades and parts to maintain simplicity, ease of maintenance, and overall reliability. However, for a small block Ford Truck EFI Windsor, it runs great and moves this heavy Bronco around like it was a much larger motor. It has always passed Utah State emissions without fail.

If you have any questions about the truck, please shout, and if you want me to post any other images from the build, let me know and I’ll try and find them.
  • ~181,850 miles on the odometer
  • $33,900
  • Located in Sandy, Utah (Salt Lake City)
Please respond with your questions (below) or text me @ 801-502-5094

Attributes, modifications, enhancements, etc.:

Basic Information:

o 1996 Ford Bronco XL
o VIN: 1FMEU15N3TLC01510
o 181,850 miles
o Purchased @ ~164,000 miles (average 1,400 miles per year since purchased in Nov of 2008)
o Located in Sandy, Utah
o Clean CARFAX report (available upon request)
o Clean Utah title
o All electronics, HVAC, and lighting works perfectly


o OEM Ford ‘Oxford White’ (code: YZ) paint in excellent overall condition
o No fiberglass; all original steel
o Minor surface rust at right rear wheel well arch and passenger lower rear door jamb corner (no growth since I bought it); maintained with touch-up paint and clear coat
o Custom fabricated F&R tubular pre-runner bumpers, front brush guard/skid plate (with aluminum plate) by dpcustomfab and Ogive Industries
o Skid plate features a 17” Ford oval decal
o All tubular pre-runner bumpers, swing-away tire carrier, and hitch are custom powder-coated in 1.) “Silver Vein” and 2.) “Clear Coat” by Metals Finishing LLC, SLC (formerly AAA Metals Finishing); note some clear coat is peeling
o Grade 8 hardware used where possible
o Swing-away tire carrier has been reinforced with oiled brass hinges
o HD receiver-type trailer hitch with 2” tube
o Receiver hitch installed with D-ring recovery shackle by Smittybilt
o Steel locking pin
o Not currently wired for towing

Off-road lighting:
Hella Rallye 4000 Euro beam 100W (2) with Hella white protective covers
Hella 500 Driving 55W (2) DOT with Hella white protective covers and clear covers (currently installed)
Rear-facing yellow/amber “dust light” mounted to the safety cage
Three toggle switches located below the steering column (L to R) for the above off-road lights)
o Aftermarket HID projector headlights with halo rings and synchronized turn-signal flasher (replaced OEM Ford lights)
o Rear aftermarket stop/turn light housings with high-intensity bulbs
o Rear defroster grid in the rear tailgate window works but would require a new window for full functionality
o Locking Stant gas cap
o Frame and partial sections of the undercarriage have been pressure-washed and then exposed metal acid rinsed and painted with semi-truck detailing paint by Air Vision Heavy Truck Detailing, SLC


o Ford ‘Royal Blue’ (Code: 9V) interior
o HVAC works great; excellent A/C
o Fully safety caged by dpcustomfab; cage covers passenger compartment front to rear and is tied into frame @ six separate points
o Stock XL instruments, manual windows, manual door locks
o Mastercraft full-suspension ‘original’ off-road racing seats (4): front seats are 2” wider and on sliders, and rear seats are 1” wider than stock; all special ordered in blue/grey two-tone upholstery to match OEM interior
o Mastercraft 2” 4-point safety harnesses (seatbelts) with ‘sewn-in' shoulder straps at all four seats (all tied directly into safety cage)
o ’96 Ford Bronco XLT instrument module with tachometer will be provided to the buyer free of charge (simple swap; instructions available online @

In-Car Entertainment system installed 2015:
Sony MEX-GS810BH AM/FM/HD radio with CD player
Massive Audio #BX4 amplifier (4x120)
Kicker DS65 (6.5” 2-way) front speakers (2)
Kicker DS693 (6x9 3-way) rear speakers (2)
Metra #44-US19 amplified AM/FM antenna
All stereo equipment and wiring custom installed by James Williams @ Drive-In Audio Sound, SLC
o Floor sealed, sound-proofed, padded, and carpeted by Seat Cover Company
o Entire safety cage wrapped in blue safety padding by Seat Cover Company
o Rear shell side windows tinted by the previous owner
o Overhead grab handles mounted to the safety cage
o Hi-Lift “Patriot-Edition” jack mounted to rear safety cage with OEM mounts
o Wide-angle rear-view mirror
o Custom front window sunscreen #UVS100 by Covercraft
o Three ashtrays (never used)
o PSOM adjusted for 35” tires (once)


Front Dana 44 Twin-Traction Beam (TTB) Suspension:
Autofab cut-n-turned TTB long travel (~16”) suspension system spec’d by John Ehmke ( owner of )
Bushing mounted extended radius arms
TTB trussed and reinforced by dpcustomfab/Ogive Industries
Provides 4” lift (no increase in track width)
~16” travel (as advertised)
Sway-W-Way Race-runner 2.5 reservoir shocks (2 EA per wheel)
Front crossbar over engine ties in left and right shock hoops
Racerunner shocks rebuilt and custom-tuned/valved by Matt Bell, owner of Desert Speed Shock Tuning (2018)
Limit straps, custom reservoir mounts
4.56:1 ring & pinion by Yukon
Open differential
Rear Ford 8.8” Axle and Leaf-Spring Suspension:
Autofab leaf-spring long-travel suspension with trailing arms spec’d by John Ehmke ( owner of )
National/Deaver leaf springs (sourced by Autofab)
Provides 4” lift
~16” travel (as advertised)
Sway-a-Way “Race-Runner” 2.5 reservoir shocks (1 EA per wheel)
Racerunner shocks rebuilt and custom-tuned/valved by Matt Bell, owner of Desert Speed Shock Tuning (2018)
Limit straps
Axle housing trussed over third member
4.56:1 ring & pinion by Yukon
35-spline axles by Yukon
Ford Racing cast aluminum 8.8 differential cover
Eaton ‘TruTrac’ Torsen LSD #913A561

o Stock Ford 302W (5.0) EFI truck engine (VIN=N)
o Mass airflow engine (very receptive to custom tunes and modifications)
o Runs great; no performance issues whatsoever; very reliable
o Uses mid-grade (89 octane) gasoline
o Static advance set to 13° BTDC (via SPOUT connector removal --> read: "Sixlitre Ignition Upgrade")
o Always passes Utah State emissions annual OBD-II checks
o Engine modifications/enhancements/upgrades:
o Advance Air Cleaner Systems ‘Super-Flow’ 8”x12” off-road air filter with a heavy duty paper element (re: Donaldson #P182054)
o Ford Motorsport 9mm wires
o MSD distributor cap #8482 with wire retention ‘clamp-down' loom
o Accel #140012 “Super-Coil”
o Autolite #25 plugs gapped @ .052”
o Last tune-up @ 178,245 miles
o Bassani ‘Equa-Length’ shorty headers (ceramic coated) #50150BC
o 2.5” ID exhaust through two inline OEM catalytic converters
o Single Magnaflow #12259 oval muffler – 5” x 8” x 24” (OAL) straight core, 3” in / 3” out
o 3” mandrel-bent tailpipe over rear axle exiting passenger side in the stock location (all exhaust work performed by Don Butterfield at Master Muffler, Sandy, UT)
o Mobil 1 High-Mileage 10W-30 full synthetic oil used exclusively since purchased
o Derale #15749 dual remote mount oil filter system using Russell AN- fittings with SS braided hose installed by Joe Housley at Addit 2 Your Toy, Sandy UT
o Motorcraft FL-1A (2) or Purolator ‘Pure One’ PL30001 (2) oil filters used exclusively
o All engine oil changes performed by owner @ ~4,000-mile intervals

Charging system upgrades:
DC Power “XP” 270 Amp 3G high-output alternator #7768-6K-270-XP
“Big 5” charging and ground wire upgrades to 1/0 marine cable
Starting: Odyssey PC1750 Group 65 AGM (950 CCA)
Auxiliary: Centennial CB12-120S AGM Deep Cycle 118Ah Battery; rear compartment mounted (used to power off-road radios & communications gear)
Artec Industries steel off-road battery mounts used for both batteries
Military-style battery clamps
All charging equipment and wiring custom installed by James Williams @ Drive-In Audio Sound, Sandy, UT
o Stock Ford E4OD 4-speed automatic transmission with O/D
o Aluminum deep transmission pan from PATC (+3.0 quarts over stock volume) & full synthetic ATF
o Factory transmission cooler @ front radiator
o Manual-shift Borg Warner 1356 transfer case
o Stock OEM front driveshaft & U-Joints

HD upgraded rear driveshaft to Powerstroke diesel specs by GRS Drivelines, SLC:
Spicer “Life Series” 1350-series u-joints in the double-Cardan joint (new centering kit)
Spicer “Life Series” 1410-series u-Joint in the rear main u-joint
All Spicer “Life Series” u-joints are greased for life
o OEM power steering
o Warn H/D manual locking hubs (front)

Tires & Wheels:
General 35x12.50R15 “Red Letter” off-road radial tires (4.5 years old)
American Racing 8x15 AR-23 Wheels (4)
35x12.50R15 “Wildcat” off-road radial spare tire on OEM Ford aluminum wheel (tire has never been used) mounted on swing-away tire carrier
Blue-anodized steel lug nuts #33004U by Monster Lug at all four wheels
Spare tire secured with Gorilla wheel lock and matching socket
OEM Ford spare tire on steel wheel available free if wanted
o Stock power brakes: F disk / R drum; ABS disabled for off-road use

Extra Parts (free):

o Original OEM owner’s manual and other Ford factory manuals, books, guides
o Multiple sets of spare keys
o Full Ford XLT instrument module with tachometer to allow the new owner to swap out idiot gauges for OEM Ford tachometer
o Parts for “Saginaw P/S Swap”: Spare Saginaw ‘canned ham’ power steering pump & bracket; bracket allows for a new Saginaw pump to replace the existing OEM Ford C-III P/S pump
o Original owner’s hand-made wood center console
o OEM Ford spare tire mounted on a steel wheel, P235/75R-15 Goodyear Wrangler HT

Known Issues:

o Minor oil dripping from engine rear main seal
o Minor cracking of top blue dash pad, passenger’s side
o Some powder coat ‘clear’ is peeling off of the underlying silver vein powder coat (cosmetic only)

Accidents/Damage (since purchased in 2008):

o Rear-ended by Ford Escape July 2010; fully repaired by Larry H. Miller Autobody, Sandy, UT
o Cracked windshield and damaged R side rearview mirror Aug 2017; fully repaired by Larry H. Miller Autobody, Sandy, UT

Original build (2008-2017) documented right here on FSB (Broncospeed Forum) here: Utah BroncoSpeed

Additional images here on Bronco Pre-runner Advert on



Utah Broncospeed
1996 Bronco XL, 5.0 (N), E40D, Autofab long travel susp, Race-Runners 2.5" res. (6), 35x12.50R15
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Utah Broncospeed
1996 Bronco XL, 5.0 (N), E40D, Autofab long travel susp, Race-Runners 2.5" res. (6), 35x12.50R15
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Utah Broncospeed
1996 Bronco XL, 5.0 (N), E40D, Autofab long travel susp, Race-Runners 2.5" res. (6), 35x12.50R15
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SOLD July 7th, 2021!
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