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Some prayers for my Dad

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I just got a really crappy phone call from my dad. He was just diagnosed with aortic stenosis, a condition that affects the vavles in the heart. Basically he's got a broken valve. The doctors say he needs immediate open heart surgery to replace the bad valve, so this is pretty serious.

His options for valve replacement are either an animal valve (pig or cow), or a mechanical one. The later is the best option, being as it will last anywhere from 20 to 40 years, but the downfall is that he'll need to take blood thinners and anti coagulets for the rest of his life, which will cause issues if he ever cuts himself.

As soon as I got off the phone I jumped onto Google and checked out the proceedure, which has a mortality rate of 5%, so he's got good chances of surviving the operation. But its still a big deal.

He's 55, so he's young and fairly strong, he just needs God to watch over him for a bit. I generally don't ask for these sorts of things, but if you all can keep him in your thoughts and prayers I'd really appreciate it. My dad is my hero, and the reason I am who I am. We've been through a lot together, tougher things than this, and I don't want him going out like this.

Thanks everyone.

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I'll send the request upstairs tonight Burlswift

but try not to worry too much, they do this all the time and like you already know they're plenty successful at it.

As for the pills, no big deal. My youngest brother has had to take them since he was 40 after his hearet attack.

The crazy [email protected]$turd looks forward to them because they're like seafoam for his blood which means he hoovers all kinds of fattening foods and continues to smoke without fear :wacko

Thanks to those GD pills we'll never get the wee [email protected]$turd to give up smokes !:doh0715:

My prayers and thought for you and your Pappy

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yep. prayers sent.
Thoughts and prayers are sent. Keep the faith that everything will be just fine and you'll have many years of memory making to come.
in my thoughts and prayers
You have my prayers man. My Grandma just passed away yesterday and I'm still recovering. She was taken to the hospital on Monday from a stroke, and my Dad stopped by my house yesterday at around 2PM to tell me. Right when he came over I knew something was wrong. He told me that she passed away and the rest of my day went to shit.

I hope your Dad makes it through the procedure and he fully recovers. I can't imagine what it would be like losing my Mother or Father. Keep strong man.
Our prayers are with you and your dad.
Thanks everyone.
wow man that's some serious news. here's to a quick recovery from the surgery so that the two of you can get back to less stress and more smiles.
Prayers and best wishes to your Dad Burl
God Bless consider it done:thumbup :thumbup
may God bless you and yours.....think on Him he will get you thru...
My prayers are with you. My mother had the same thing done. Used a pig valve the first time. The second time they used a mechanical valve and added a pacemaker. The pills aren't so bad, but they do cause a lot of bleeding for basically a small cut. He should pull through just fine and feel much better once its done.
My prayers are with you guys. Stay strong and best wishes on a speedy recovery :thumbup
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