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Anyone here going to Harlan for Memorial day weekend?

Here's a copy from another board.

Southern Shine Crawl
May 27,28,29
Event site is the Verda Field

Friday 26th: Harlan County Tuff Truck Starts at 6PM

Saturday: Southern Shine Tuff Truck
1Pm Mud Challenge
3Pm Rock Challenge
Vendors Row will be open during the Tough Truck Challenge
7PM Raffles

We will have food on the event site and on the offroad park for sale.
Also their will be free onsight camping. First come first served.

Also we are looking for vendors to set up for this event.
Contact us at [email protected] if you want to help.

Bailey's Creek Trailhead:

From Hwy421 turn onto Ky38. From there you looking at alittle over 7 miles till you turn Left onto Kelly St. Go straight at the 3way. Go till you see a walking park on the right next to the river then turn left across the tracks onto Bailey's creek rd. From theirs its appr. 7 tenths of a mile till the trail head.

Putney Trailhead:

Head on 119 North toward Cumberland for 8 miles and the trailhead is on the right on the grounds of the Harlan County Campground and RV Park.

Motel Info:
Holiday Inn Express,10min from both trailheads, 800.465.4329,606.573.3385
Mount Aire Motel, 10 min from both trailheads, 800.988.4660. 606.573.4660,
Valley View Lodge,606.573.3808, 10 min from both trailheads.
Cumberland Motel,40 min from Bailey's Creek trailhead, 12 mins from Putney Trailhead 606.589.2181
School House Inn,40 min from trailhead, 12 mins from Putney Trailhead, 606.848.3000
Cumberland Plaza,40 min from trailhead, 10 mins from Putney Trailhead, 606.589.4911
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