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Here is an option for you. This is what we did to Jason's (Blushrk) spare and I also did this before I fabbed a bumper with a tire carrier.

Cut the heads of some 3/8" bolts and welded them to the sheet metal.

Some flat bar, angle iron, a bit of square tube and some 1/2" eye bolts. There are nuts welded to the back of the angle iron for the eye bolts.

Painted up.


Tire mounted with a ratchet strap.

The pics show a 35" tire but his 37" toyos fit too. We left enough space between the eye bolts for the upgrade. We have wheeled alot with this setup and it hasnt budged. Mine held up perfect to my 38.5" bogger as well.

1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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