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Spare tire/jerry can carrier

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I built this with a lincoln electric flux core MIG welder. I thought some of you may need some inspiration on how to go about it. I bought the spindle kits on Amazon and just used black iron pipe. It works well and this is not completely finished quite yet. I'm open to constructive criticism and opinions. If it turns to a popular topic, I may do a write up.
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Looks good, except the latch. Do you just have one side latching to the other?

In that situation, i would use what is called a door bar connector for roll cages in race cars. I dont see the current latch holding up to much offroad abuse.
I will look into the door bar. Yes one latches to the other. I cut the ends of each bar at an angle so they secured to each other but it doesn't work as well as I thought LOL. I would like to latch it to the bumper for better security but the way the tailgate swings down there isn't much room between the bumper and the tailgate.
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Those look good. But based on the shit I hit in Moab this year I would rip those cans right off.
I'm not sure what I could have done different besides put the cans sideways in line. I don't plan on any crazy off-road Moab, although I would love to.
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