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My 89 originally came with a tire rack, but it was removed before I bought it. A few searches here lead me to believe that all 80-96 tire racks were the same.

After searching high and low, I finally found an 86 rear tire rack and snapped it up for $50, but it appears that the brackets have a slightly different profile around the rear quarter panel.

Can I just grind this bracket out to the right shape without weakening it severely, or do I need to find an 89 bracket?



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yeah, give it a shot

Swing-Away, Type 1 (78-86); "...Brackets have sharply angled straight corners to match the older body. 87-96 have smoother curves..."
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at

Steve also wrote;
Someone suggested that the curved body brackets of Type 2 & 3 swingaways wouldn't fit an '80-86 body's squared corners. So to make installing my 4-way lug wrench carrier easier, I swapped my spare Type 3 swingaway on. No problems. I could have swapped the swingaway frame onto my original squared body brackets, but I wanted to test this, and I might sandblast & powdercoat the old one. Miesk5 Note. Type 2 is in 87-90 & Type 3 is 90-96
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