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alright guys i know what the normal non permuim sound colors are but the change at the amp does anybody know the + and- colors after the amp my bronco is a 94 i putting new speakers in:iiss

Sorry took me awhile to find the thread again.

Check and see if you have the same colors, but output to speakers after the premium sound amp, goes like this.

T/Y- tan/yellow stripe LR+
PK/LG- pink/light green stripe LR-
O/LG- ornge/light green stripe LF+
LB/W- light blue/ white strip LF-
PK/LB- pink/light blue stripe (can't read the LB for sure) RF+
BR/PK- brown/pink stripe RF-
DG/O- dark green/ornge strip RR+
W/LG-white/light green stripe RR-

Hope you can sort it out from there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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