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Spindle Nut

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I just replaced my wheel bearings, and on the passenger side, the little pin on the one nut was sheered off. Who ever had worked on the front end before put the inner nut on the outside, which wrecked the pin. I ended up putting it back together figuring it should be fine until I get home from school (about 300 mile drive), and then I have to do balljoints, so I'd replace the nut then. But then I was thinking about it and when I was torquring down the inner nut, if you would spin the hub/rotor in the reverse direction at a good speed, the nut would back off slightly. So then I was thinking, since there is no pin to hold the inner nut in place, could it tighten itself when driving and wreck the bearing, or am I thinking too much into this? Would it be fine for the ride home?
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Steve83 said:
No, it wasn't - it was pushed in. Just drive it back out.Not unless the bearing is already so bad that it spins on the spindle more easily than it rolls. And if you torqued the outer nut properly, it'll take a lot more than 300 mi. for it to move, anyway.
I don't know, it seemed like the pin was sheared off :shrug . Yea, I torqured the outer nut properly and they are brand new bearings. I was just worried that the trip could wreck the new bearings I put in.
The outer nut locks the inner nut. I'm surprised your inner nut is spinning but
I'd be UBER surprised if it made the outer nut spin. I'd bet a million to one odds you'll be fine.
Ok, that's good to here.
its pushed in i did the same thing take a 16 penny nail and a hamer and nock it back out this happens when the pin aint lined up with the lock ring and the nock nut pushes it back in. No you wont be fine the nuts will tighten up or come off going down the road.. buddy of mine thought the same on his 1 ton and did 1200 dollars damage to his truck.
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