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Spout connector - can't find it

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Hey y'all. I just went to have my 86 Bronco smogged as part of the transfer of title, but they weren't able to find the spout connector to test whatever it is they need to test with the timing. From what I understand, the spout connector should be sitting right off of the distributor, but just doesn't seem to be there anywhere. Attaching some pics, but if anyone has any thoughts/ideas/insights they'd be willing to share, I'd certainly be appreciative!

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Follow up:

I haven't been back down to the smog station, but I think the spout connector is just a single wire one instead of the 2 wire one he's used to. I could be completely wrong, but from the Haynes book, I think that might be what's going on here. Bummer if the problem was just that the guy at the smog place just didn't know better, but I suppose I got to learn something even if loosing a little bit of time.

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If anyone knows more than me (that's all of you 馃槀 ), let me know what you think!

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I've owned two 86/302. My first had the plug that you have circled. My current one is different and like the newer ones if I remember correctly.
My 84 was like the one you circled. I believe you separate the connectors to set the timing.
More follow up: Yup, that was it! Thanks, everyone! Had to go back down to the smog station and let them know they were staring at it the whole time. Passed smog and officially transferred the title 馃槃
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SPOUT, etc Location pic in 92-96 by former member Steve83

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IMAGE by Ford by absent member Fireguy50 (Ryan M)
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