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Was having trouble with u-joints breaking in my rear driveshaft at the axle every time i took my bronco out. Found out axle had broke loose the original spring perches from the axle and was pretty much doing as it pleased. Well I went and got some 3x5 3/8 inch wall square tubing and cut them out so they fit almost all the way around the axle and welded them on very well. As you can see they also act as a lift block, but they allow for a lot wider and longer mounting surface for the spring, in mine i also installed a 4 inch tall lift block which is welded solid to the new perches and cannot move. This is a design i did some reaserch on and it actually helps reduce axle wrap and u can set your axle to whatever angle u desire before welding on the perches. This wasn't good enough for me though and i picked up a bunch of 11 gauge inch tubing for the ladder bars. sorry the pic isn't better. The ladder bars are connected to the frame by means of a heimed joint on threads allowing twist and easy up and down movement. the rear points of the ladder bars use a bushing type end that would be similar to the end on a shock absorder. I used 3/8 plate to make all brackets for attaching to axle and frame. Moved shock absorbers inward to make room. There is a ladder bar on the otherside as well just hard to see in pic. And besides a bit of time this cost a total of $75 using parts from local farm and Fleet store and metal from salvage yard. Hint always check thier scap bins for usable peices, much cheaper than buying full lengths stuff and cutting it all up. Was very worth it and the only thing i would do differently is use heavier tubing!!!

If anyone would like better pics i will try and provide them!
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