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:thumbup Purchased Oct. 31st 2011:
1985 Full Size Bronco 351w 4bbl

:smokin: Pros:
Dual Exhaust, HD Leaf Springs on 33s with M/T rims and Streetwires for great sound

:uhoh3 Cons (In order of importance):
1.) The Carb (Needs rebuilt or replaced)
2.) The Wiper Fluid Nozzle Thingie & A Pan/Belt for my battery
3.) Tune Up & Grease Packing
4.) Rotors (hopefully they can be resurfaced) & eBrake cable
5.) Steering (lots of "play")
6.) Shocks (Looking at Rancho.)
7.) New Tires (Thinking Mickey to match the rims)
8.) Rear window (motor needs replaced, low on my list - first on my dog's list.)

:imp Pimping:
1.) New Front Seats
2.) Roll Bar & Doggie Barrier
3.) Skid Plates
4.) Brush and Light Guards
5.) Roof Rack and Gas Cans
6.) Recovery Points and Winch
7.) Carpet and a hide of some sort for my headliner
8.) Body Work (Fenders, some bondo spots, Rear Bumper)
9.) Sanding and Paint
10.) Blaupunkt
11.) Camper Trailer

...Basically I want an all weather daily driver that can survive an ELE. Let's see how fast I can make it to #11. Hopefully by Autumn of 2012. Take a good look. It will never look like this again:

First Day at Her New Home

After the snow cleared I covered up those satanic five pointed stars the quickest way possible!

Her messed up bumper.

Her great motor. Just over 82k!
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