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I recently had some coolant leaks coming out of the neck of my stock radiator and weeping out of a one-year-old high flow water pump. I ended up swapping them both out for an all aluminum radiator from Summit Racing (https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-384033) and a Motorcraft water pump.

That took care of all of the coolant leaks but now I've developed or unmasked an oil leak on the front end (my rear main has always dribbled). This thing is killing me.

I'm going to bet its the front main seal (crankshaft seal) that I installed when I resealed the timing chain cover last year. I just hope I don't have to drain the cooling system and pull the timing chain cover again.

I'm going to clean everything up this week and see if I can isolate the leak. Maybe hit it with some dye. Worse case for diagnosis I can pull the balancer off and check the seal out closely. From there I'll have 3 options:

1. Swap out the front main seal with the cover in place.
2. Pull the cover and redo everything.
3. Lift the engine and reseal the pan, while tackling both the front and rear main seals.
881 - 882 of 882 Posts