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started kicking ideas (w/photochops!!!)

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well after looking at a lot of photos I decided to basicly turn my '84 into real rig. most of the work is done, runs strong, so its time to move on to more things. I decided to basicly turn mine into a classic bronco... yes its kinda werid to go backwards, but i thought about it. to get a old bronco, I would pay so much to get it how it wanted.... and I wouldnt be a big bronco anymore. enough talking and now photos. (bare with me on the photochops, i was kinda rushing because i was too excited)

how its sits now.

Idea #1

Idea #2

Now the acutal cost wont be that bad sence I've been working with sheet metal, steel tubing, and welding for a few years now, so I can build most of it. I am going to have the roll cage built at a professional shop sence I dont know how to build a safe one.

Let me know what you guys think.
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six7seta said:


I'm not sure, I'd leave the wing windows in, but if you're gonna chop the fenders like that, you'd better get some big tires on there.


I say get out the sawzall and cut that f*cker up.
ya im looking at 38" or 40", i'd like to get those axles a little higher
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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