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Started on the floors today

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Good and bad, of course everywhere is cherry EXCEPT where the sound deadening material caused my floors to rot through. Not as bad as I was expecting though.

Started in the bed area with a rust wheel, going to hit it with rusted metal primer and bedliner. So far it's only rotted through in one small spot.

Are there patch panels for this area?

Floor pans are real tender :cry

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You may want to look into a complete floor pan replacement panel. I think they cover from the firewall to the vertical area behind the seats. It may solve all your issues in one swoop.

Though it could all be surface rust, and with a lot of grinding and a lot of Rust Bullet, you may be ok.
Bed completely stripped, an angle grinder with a rust stripper/wire wheel makes real quick work of this. Rust dust is EVERYWHERE. Still plenty of solid metal hiding under the rust, though some spots are real tender, it looks like the drivers and passengers floors are paper thin and need replacing. The rust holocaust continues.

Behind the drivers seat is pretty bad, complete with oddly boat cleat shaped rust hole.


First coat of primer down in the bed.

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