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I became a Vendor so I didnt not have to worry about what I said in my posts anymore. As I had crossed the line (not on purpose), and did not want to do it again. I am mostly known for my alternators, especially my one wire GM's in drag racing. I also do a lot of 3G's (180 to 250amps).

I distribute for many companys, Dixie, Lucas, Prestolite/Leece Neevile, and a bunch of others. I can drop ship from several warehouses across the US. So I can give you deals on just about anything. I have done work for the US Military, NASA, and our shop has trained 100's of others in our industry, and 1000's of mechanics.

I had an awesome website until my domain name was stolen last year. We have won court judgements but still dont have it all back. Going to be a while still. (In case you are wondering why it is messed up) Sorry for all the sales pitch, but since most on here dont know me, thought I should give a quick intro.

I recently had a Spring sale, and here is some of what is left from the starters I had on sale. (Will post the alternators later this weekend). Here is a picture of them:

5.) Denso 228000-8432, This is the worlds only starter designed for HD automotive use. Known as the FedEx special, as it was designed to replace the Ford PMGR starters that would only last 90 days. These lasted 3 years. I have customers that start under water with them, etc, etc. Only have had one warranty in 8 years. Very tough starter. Here is Denso's description of it : for Ford Gasoline Engine Applications.pdf (Big file)

This starter was sold to a customer that did some grinding on the front housing trying to make it fit an non-automatic application. So we replaced the front housing with an OE front housing, and tested it after reassemble (we are a warranty depot for Denso). The starter does have some finger prints/grease on it as pictured. But works great, and has never turned over an engine. Still comes with 1yr warranty, etc.

Sale: $225 (Price of these have been going up in the last 1 ½ years)

6.) Aftermarket version of above. Chinese will copy anything, and 90% of the Denso style starters with the rotating front housings are made in China. This is at least a copy of the best out there. It has a 1yr warranty as well, but I doubt the quality is as good as the original Denso. This is an introductory for us, as these units are new to the market. I only have one in stock, but can drop ship others after it is gone. Will keep this price until say July 1st, 2010. These units have only been around for a year, and others are reporting they have done well, so we are just starting to offer them. i.e. I have no 5 year report on them.

Sale: $150

7.) Lester 6642: 2000-2007 Ford Taurus 3.0L 00-05 Sable 3.0L
Chinese starter from decent company, some Ebay sellers sell this company’s stuff as race proven 15 to 1, which is BS. But works great in a daily driver though. Over stock, 100% new, 30 day warranty because of the price. Normally has a 1 year warranty and higher price. Some how I enede up with a shelf full of these. One extra left.

Sale: $50

8.) Denso 228000-8440 HD Denso version for Ford’s with manual transmissions. Manual version of the FedEX special, i.e same as 5 but for manuals, but this is unmolested though. Will keep the price on this until July 1, 2010 as well. I usually do a mass buy once a year on stuff like this too. (I do tech on a few websites)

Sale: $250

Here is a picture comparing the Densos with a stock Ford PMGR and a Direct Drive starter:

We have seen some issues with 2" headers on Mustangs, but not on trucks as of yet. I did see an OSCA True Street Champ space out a set of $1500 headers to get his starter (the same as the Denso above) back into his car after it wouldnt fit with the new headers. Spacing a header out changes its characteristics, making a $1500 header not so special anymore. But to the racer it was more important to get his starter back.

Since starters are kind of boring, I will tease you all with a picture I got in trouble for, LOL (all my fault). But I can post it now, though I will explain it more later this weekend. I just wanted to add some color to the thread:

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. I try to give honest answers, and dont try to BS anyone. You will find my spelling is terrible too. :) But my answers should be accurate.
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