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Starting Issue

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Ok I give I need to ask,

I have a 1982 Ford Bronco 302 5.0L

I have replaced the timing Gears Recently
I have replaced the Harmonic Balancer
I have replaced the Crankshaft Pin
I have replaced the Distributor Cap & Rotor
I have replaced the Starter Solenoid
I have replaced the Battery
I have replaced the Positive Terminal & Cable
I have replaced the Negative Terminal & Cable
I have replaced the Plugs
I have replaced the wires
I have replaced my ignition coil
I have tested my starter
I have tested my alternator

I have checked (2 times) the timing gear alignment (wasnt fun at 2am this morning)
I have set the engine at TDC (top dead center) 2 times to make sure i was on compression stroke
I set the Rotor at #1 at TDC
I changed the Oil
I changed the Oil Filter
I changed the Coolant
I changed the Air Filter
I changed the Fuel Filter
I changed the Air Cleaner Filter
I changed the PCV Valve

ok I don't get spark at the plugs

I replaced the MSD Coil again just to make sure it was still ok

Still no spark!

things I havent changed>

Pick Up Coil
Ignition Module
Spark Delay Valve

Engine Cranks but will not start, engine turns fast but no start, I dont get back firing, I dont get sputtering, I dont get anything but the engine turning.

I think it could be the placement of the Distributor, the previous owner removed it and didnt mark it on the manifold, but we changed the timing gears so the crankshaft had to be spun to line the timing marks up so I had to TDC and reinstall but the position may be off, if anyone has a 302 in an 82 please can you post some pics of the engine???

Thanks for any help

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Are you sure it's a no spark situation? You need 3 things to run, fuel, air, and spark. You sure you have air and fuel?

Spraying starting fluid down the carb doesn't get you anything?

Is the dist rotor turning when you crank it?

I could think of a number of other things, check these first.
Starting fluid doesnt help, I can smell the fuel when I turn it over from the fuel pump.

I know there is no spark I take the wire off number 1 spark plug and plug it into another plug hold it against the maniford, and with the remote starter kick the engine long enough to go through all 8 cylinders and there is no spark.
sorry forgot to add the rotor is turning with the cranking of the engine
ok I will replace it, it will only take me 30 Mins to have a result. thanks
Same Thing!
Coil wires are ok, I do smell fuel out the exhaust, problem must be in distributor, just to check I ran some fuel down the carb about 1/4 ounce to see if that would help nothing what so ever, I think this is getting expensive lol. I am determined though so the Distributor is $70 at Napa looks like thats the way I am going.

How do people post pics in the threads?
Ok so heres the update:

I had the battery Re Charged at Kragen
I bought a new MSD Blaster Coil 2
I rewired the previous owners crappy red neck dumb ass wiring


I now have spark at my Coil
I now have spark at me Plugs
I dont have engine start yet but we are narrowing crap down!

Now only if the outside looked as good as the engine compared to when I got it lol
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When I got it


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Ok so I have verified I have gas entering the Carb when the throttle is pushed and I will be adjusting spark again for the millionth time it seems I have a new plan I will use the remote start to bump the engine over while holding my thumb in the spark plug hole for #1 Cylinder and feel the air for the compression stroke and align the rotor on that, maybe I have been missing the compression stroke this whole time????
ok just going to add some personaly experience there may be more then 1 timing make on your crank gear you need to use the one closest to the key on the crank ohh i know i had this problem unknowingly for like 5 months
yeah but for those 5 months your truck would start right???

I have torn down to the Timing Gears three times believe me this is not fun and I tripple check each time before I put it all back together.

I simply think that I may not be TDC for the Rotor hopefully I will be tring again in a few minutes I have to eat dinner the wife wants to kill me!
are you talking about the crankshaft gear or the cam gear having a tiny mark

I installed a Cloyes Set the Cam Gear had a large mark only mark on it there was no others and the installation guide said it was the mark, the crankshaft gear had a small mark and it too was the only mark on it I put the Cam gear at 6 o clock and the Crankshaft gear at 12 o clock they were exactly lined up when the cover was installed.
ok whatever you say im just telling you a personal situation
dude I apreciate your help now you got me thinking I should have taken pics lol
Ok I have got it running, it was the TDC issue I was not on compression stroke she is alive but her belts are squeeling so I gotta tighten them up an woo hoo for 82 lol!!!
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