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SOLD Stealth Valve Covers Ford 5.8 5.0 Bronco F150 F250

These are from a very healthy stealth 5k mile full roller 357w Bronco project I'm parting to pursue other projects. These are some stealth valve covers that have been modded with some sneaky tricks to hide very high performance parts underneath, without anybody knowing the difference. These have had the baffles machined out for a dramatic increase in valve train clearance. Which is mandatory when trying to even just run Roller Rockers, not counting if your running aftermarket heads too. I had these matched up with the Crane Roller Rockers I have in another listing, and in use with a much healthier than stock Comp XE HR cam that had .533/.544" lift. The cover mods allowed these covers to go from no where even close to sitting down all the way, to not just sitting down on the heads all the way, but now clearing by a mile the much bigger roller rockers with the roller cam, and in my case the + .100" valves the aftermarket heads my combo used (which will be forsale shortly also).

These come with the rubber reuseable gaskets in great shape, and the PCV grommet also in great shape, and the OE Oil Fill Cap also in awesome shape. Here's a chance for somebody to both save some cash for other parts, and run some real stealthy valve covers to hide internal power increasing mods. Whether you need to hide your mods from state emissions inspectors, or the competition, here ya go, all the hard works has already been done. My loss is your gain.

Asking $25, buyer covers shipping, payment via Paypal, and I have a USPS and UPS account.

SOLD Thanks guy's
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