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Shift Improvement Valve

This simple upgrade to your transmission eliminates slippage during full throttle shifts, reducing heat and transmission wear, and improving acceleration. We tuned it just right for crisp, clean shifts without being harsh. Highly recommended for supercharged applications.

Note: For F-150 and Expedition Only!

1997-2002 5.4L with (E4OD Transmission) Valve
1996-2002 4.6L Valve Kit

I need to know if can use one.

negative creep
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Re: AOD trans

madbronco said:
how strong is this tranny (AOD) compared to the C6:shocked
hes talking about the E4OD. the AOD is nothing compared to a C-6. although you don't get overdrive with a C6, the extra durability is by far worth it.

i don't know anyone with an E4OD that actually works, so i don't know how strong it is. they always seem to be broken:goodfinge
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