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So I finally fixed my steering issue. I ended up pulling the knuckles off and making sure the camber bushings were seated in correctly. Then i put the knuckles back on using the correct torque specs and it drives like a dream. Now i need to go back to the alignment shop and let them know that i was right, and would like them to refund some of my money. We'll see what happens.
Unfortunately now that the bushings are in correctly, the camber is off. i imagine this is why the truck was all over the road. The bushings not being in all the way the ball joints would move at the bottom and cause it to shift around, and because they were not all the way in, the alignment was never correct. So when i put them all the way down, it caused the camber to shift even though i keep the same setting on the camber bushings.

Here is what the bushings looked like after the alignment shop aligned the truck. The truck wouldn't drive right and was all over the road

Here is what they looked like after i seated them correctly. The truck drives 100% better now that they are in and the correct torque has been used.

After this the truck started driving like crap again. I found out the the caster angle was so bad, it was binding and causeing all kinds of problems. pulling under acceleration, wandering all over the road, etc... i changed the caster setting to 1/2 degree less and fixed the issues.
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