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Was hoping you could help a fellow bronco owner out as I know you all are the best people and most knowledgeable about all Broncos. I have a 95 xlt with a 2.5 rough country lift (please don’t judge) but my steering is very loose and there’s give in the steering. What can tighten my steering up like it used to be originally. Any help would be so appreciated. Is it something in need to add? Sway bars— please help. Thanks!

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First thing you should do is inspect your bushings - radius arm and axle pivots. If they look cracked or malformed, replace them. Have a friend sit in the drivers seat with the key on and lay underneath and have him turn the wheel back and forth. While he is doing this, look at all the moving joints and see if anything looks loose or worn out. Replace as needed. Finally, the steering gearbox may be worn out. The best replacement gearboxes, based on anecdotal evidence from members here, are either redhead or blue top gears. Further, your steering shaft may have a bad plastic bushing in it, or one of the u joints or the rag joint may be bad. Replace as needed. A common replacement is a Borgeson intermediate steering shaft.

There is a lot to consider. Don’t buy a bunch of parts until you rule out the easy stuff first.

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I second what @MS88Bronc said, check those things but don't forget about the rear leaf spring bushings. A loose rear end can feel like a steering issue since you have to constantly "chase" it to keep it between the lines. Also check your ball joints and drag links for play....

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Yo ethood,
Loose Steering
Vehicle overloaded or unevenly loaded.
CORRECT as required.

Improper (mismatched) tires and wheels.
INSTALL correct tire and wheel combination.

Improper tire pressure.
ADJUST air pressure in tires.

Loose steering gear mounting.
ADJUST to 73-89 Nm (54-66 lb-ft).

Front and rear suspension components loose, worn or exhibit damaged condition.
TIGHTEN or REPLACE as necessary.

Loose, worn or damaged steering sector shaft arm drag link.
TIGHTEN or REPLACE as necessary.

Loose wheel lug nuts.
TIGHTEN to specifications.

Spindle pin (king pin) binding.
LUBRICATE suspension.

Improperly adjusted front wheel bearing.
ADJUST to specification.

Steering column intermediate shaft coupling fractured.
REPLACE as required.

Incorrect toe setting.
SET to specifications.

Improperly adjusted steering gear.
ADJUST to specification (meshload only).

Steering column misaligned.

Steering column components loose or exhibit excessive play.
REPAIR as required.
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