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Steering slop

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I have an '88 FSB, and my steering is sloppy.

I know, I know - FSBs have a bit of steering slop, but what components must I check and tighten/replace to remove some of that? Tie rod ends? CV boots? General alignment? I want my FSB to be a decent highway rig, to carry the familiy and all, but I don't want to put it in the ditch ever 1/4 mile or so!

Thank you, drive through!
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Tire pressure, steering shaft, alignment, drag link, tie-rod ends........
all the play in the radius arm bushings don't help either. how old is your steering box? that is the last thing left on mine that i needs to be replaced. CV boots have nothign to do with it. make sure you get the alignment after you replace everything
i just got my steering box replaced and it is night and day diference it drives alot better now
another item you might try is a steering stabilizer. iknow it helped mine signifigantly even with it not being lifted.
Have you adjusted the sector shaft screw on the top of the steering gear box. Its late here in the East and I got to be at work by 03:00, so you will have to search.....but it will get a boat load of slop out!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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