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I am not sure but I was told that some of the Eddie B's had the same system. I am having an issue with the stereo in our 97 Expy. It has the Mach Audio System and has always sounded great until the other day. It seems that the it has lost it's bass.

I talked to a guy that has what seems to be the same system in his Mustang. He said that he had the same problem and that his has two amps and that he had to hit the reset on the bass amp.

I could not find any info on this in the audio book that came with the car so I took it by the dealer. The guy that looked at it could not find anything, but they did admit that no one there had ever worked one before.

So here is the question. Has anyone here ever had this issue and if so is there really a reset on the bass amp?

I hate to replace it as it had a great sound before the bass quit.
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