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I Paid for this sh!t
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Well guys, I figured it's time to start the thread for this.

Previous build threads:

For those familiar with my previous builds, and threads, you likely know where I'm at.
For those new to me and my Truck, here is a quick breakdown.

Bought in 2009 as a 1990 Eddie Bauer. 351/e4od with quadshocks.

April 2011 I tore the the 351 out, made my own custom mounts and put a 4bta Cummins, zf5 and rebuilt 8.8 in.

Autumn 2011, I was rear-ended by a 80s one ton suburban, and the truck was totalled.

Few months after that, I bought a 95 bronco

Stripped the 90 body off the frame, wirewheeled, por 15d and fixed body mount hole in my 90 frame. Then took the 95 body off the 95 frame and put it on the 90 frame (did all of this because the 90 frame had my mount boxes for the 4bt in it already)

Had to swap the outer knuckles from the 95 to the 90 suspension, at the same time I converted every bit of rubber in the suspension and body to polyurethane

By November it was back on the road and running.

Drove it for 2 years happily

Then in January 2014, I hit an escaped horse, pushing the core support back to over the center of the tire.

So I took the front clip off. Took the driveline out to be resealed, went to the body shop and had the r.f. upper cab corners fixed from where it was caved in, and put the front clip from my f350 onto it.

At this time I also completely stripped the interior and Dynamatted it.

Put everything together, and about this time my son was born. My ex made me sell the truck off 2014, and I bought an excursion. I thought I'd never see it again.

A year ago today (11/18/18) tracked it down, and bought it back.

The last year has seem me trying to fix things that the people that had it either broke or neglected.

Injection pump was loose, lines broken, the rear diff has 3/8 inch up and down pinion play, rear shoes were broken, front bearings screwed, interior plastics and the dash got painted with spray can bedliner, massive oil leaks, they nearly killed a zf5, the list goes on.

So far I've fixed as much as I could
But it's not enough.

So I decided, I'm gonna build it again!! With my family here on fsb as witness, again.

Really the only big mod I've done new is the clutch rod heim joint.

My goals with this build are,
I want to be able to drive and be in more comfort than currently, so quiet down the interior more, get the AC working, and good stereo.
To increase my wheeling capability drastically, all my friends locally are jku guys and gals with 37s and tons, and i just want to be able to almost keep up. Currently with 33s and weak stock axles I can't do much.
And finally, to finally have a truck that looks good and can be proud of.

But the list of changes to come are below.

1. Rebuild the engine (gapless rings, compound turbos, bigger cam, bigger injectors, and pretty bits (billet where I can, paint and polish where I can't get billet)

2. One ton axles. Super duty Dana 60 and Sterling 10.5, I know unit bearings aren't the best, but I'm keeping abs. Ox lockers front and rear
Thinking 35-37" tires
2a. Frame stiffening, plan on adding x style crossmembers along the frame where possible, in an attemp to make as rigid as possible.

3. Complete interior redo, I need to source a good dash still, and some trim pieces, but I have alot of what I need already.
Also going to replace every single weatherstrip on the vehicle.
3a. Cage - haven't decide on what I want done yet, but will definitely be getting a cage.

4. Body work, need dents and dings removed from both bedsides, need the rain gutter roof cracks properly repaired,
Replace the tailgate, smooth the texture off the top, and paint the truck. Good plate bumpers front and rear, front with grille and headlight guards, rear with swing out tire carrier and Jerry can holder. And as many lights as I can possibly fit.

5. Wheel the finished product and enjoy!

this thread will be my log and my story of how things go as proceed, I fully expect this to possibly take a year or 2. And I hope to be able to share my experiences with all of you.
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