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Strange noises...

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Hey guys. I'm back. I'm thinking about getting my entire truck rebuilt i.e. shocks, struts, bushings, bearings, tie-rod ends, etc. Just replaced my ball joints and front and rear brakes are good. What is the best choice for material in terms of polyurethane or rubber bushing, Moog as compared to other brands? Also, do radius arms ever go bad? I'll go over a bump and ill hear a pop or ill be going down the road and ill feel something tapping my driver sad floorboard. I am also going to put headers, cold air intake, and possibly ignition system to get it running better and get more economy. I'm going to have my transmission and transfer case rebuilt same time so it'll all happen same time. What headers would be suitable for winter driving in New England, as in what headers use the best ceramic coating. I'm going to use a 2 1/2 pipe set up all the way back. Any and all info would help
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You sure you want your transmission, t-case, etc rebuilt when they could be perfectly fine?

The stock intake is the best cold air intake.

Your floor board bump sounds to be like Radius arm bushings. Search for them on our search feature, there might even be a write up. You will know when they are bad because the the rubber bushings will be cracked or even have some chunks missing out of it.
My transmission makes a loud clunking sound when I go from Reverse to Drive or vice versa but only after driving for a while. I also have 197K miles on the truck so I understand it is most likely worn. Thanks for all the help though
Uh no it isn't worn. Don't ever talk to who ever told you it was.

Check the driveshaft u-joints and lube up the slip joint that is under the rubber boot on the driveshaft.

Search for "slip joint" to read more.
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