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At the risk of sound like I dumbass, I'm going to ask this anyways so flame away.

How much oil will I lose removing my filter without draining my oil?

I'm running a remote filter with an anti drainback but the adapter is leaking at the O ring seal on the remote adapter on the block.

I only have 300 miles on an oil change and would rather not drain it all. I also don't want to wash my driveway with oil.

I hate the adapter I am using because it has an O ring that tends to leak but with the 460 conversion I haven't found a better one that allows directional manipulation along with an oil temp port. The adapter is a 2 piece which lets me spin it on and then adjust where the in\out oil ports point.

I wouldn't mind a different adapter but I still need a place to get accurate oil temp reading and I''m not going back to trying to stuff a stock filter in there.
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