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Super Swamper SSR Questions

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1: Is their wet pavement, snow, ice, and mud traction as good as they say it is (interco)?

2: Do they make much noise?

3: How many miles can I expect from a set of SSR swampers?

I was thinkin about gettin some 31x11 swamper thornbirds or TSL Swampers but I was told they aint worth a shit on pavement.
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I have put prolly close to 1000 miles on my TSL's and haven't had any probs. They are loud though.
1000 miles isnt long for us. :brownbag I heard someone say awhile back that you could get 10,000 from tsl 's
SSR's aren't that bad (noise)...they're radials so they'll last longer than a set of plain TSL's, as far as weather goes I can exactly say what anyphucking thing does in the snow living down here!!!:toothless The thornturds are shit, but I liked my TSL's, but they're loud as hell!
my SSR's worked better then my old BFG MT's in the snow, rocks, ice and in the mud. they also ran a bit quiter then my BFG mt's.
right now the SSR's have about 20,000 miles on them and still have 40-50% tread left. only down side they chunked alot when new and they are heavier then BFG and Goodyears.
Yeah, but that's because the carcass itself is beefier than the BFG or GY. :D

For a DD/wheeler, I like them a lot. Pretty good in ice and snow, better than most on wet roads, but still not as grippy as an AT would be (increase your following distance).
My main problem is driving on wet roads. After the wreck me and my cousin had in his 88, I have a fear of driving on wet roads. So I want all the traction I can get but still have good traction in mud.
They're going to be better than most any other MT out there (IMHO)... but not as good as a "street" tire. There's no way around that.
I wanted the M/T or the TSL. The Goodyear M/T will do better on pavement and last longer. After checking into it I wanted a tire that would last longer than the TSL and the M/T's are relatively quiet. Don't know about the SSR.

I like the new IROK but they are 36" and larger. They may have gotten my money if they were out when I purchased my M/T's.
Are you basing that on any firsthand knowledge, or is it just wild speculation and conjecture?

IROKs are VERY soft. Very grippy, but very soft.
I'm speculating based on the looks of the tread. The irregular blocks and siping should give good snow traction. I do not know how soft or hard the compound is. But typically the softer the compound the better the traction on hard surfaces (ice packed snow) and the faster it wears.

I like to see them up next to the GY M/T's.

20 years driving snow and in harsh conditions as I ski.
WHat are the road manners of the tsl swampers?
I like my ssr's I think they handle the same or better than my BFG MT. I have aprox 30 000 km on my ssr and have about 40 % left on the tire
I used mine on rock deflated alot and did not get great wear. but on road their good. Loud as hell though. Im comming up on 10,000 on my 38's and still have ok tread.
DerrickRaynes said:
Loud as hell though.
You have not heard a loud tire until you have ridden on the hi-way with these:

And those are a meare wisper compared to these:

But they are IMO the best tires ever made.

The SSR is a good cross-platform tire but I'm a big fan of bias ply tires. If I were to go with a radial tire from Interco I'd spend my money on the radial TSL. They're a little more affordable then the SSR.

If it matters here's the list of tires I've run and on the vehicles they've been on:

BFG A/T's and muds on a 3/4 ton Chebbie
TSL's and TSL radials on a 3/4 ton Chebbie
SSR's on an F150
ProComp a/t's on an F150 (different truck)
Mud Kings on a Bronco
ProComp Mud's on a Bronco
Boggers currently on the Bronco
TSL SX's currently on the Bronco
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it might just be me, but I don't think your signature is BIG enough ........
Blown said:
The Goodyear M/T will do better on pavement and last longer. .........snip......... Dopn't know about the SSR.
Sorry Blown, couldnt' resist. So the GY MT will be better than the SSR.... but you don't know about the SSR LOL

FWIW my old 35x12.50x16 SSR's treated me well.........good in all conditions incl snow, and I feel they hooked up better in Moab.

Tales of the 37" SSRs on 15" wheels chunking when they first came out scared me off from purchasing them again. Some say Interco has since addressed this but I really dunno.

As for longevity, I dunno. TTB cupped and ate my SSR's in short order. I think Seboh had the same experience. But I did run them until they were near bald and they always served me noticeably louder toward the end but that's expected and doesn't bother me.

As I said, my SSR's were 16", so they were D load rated, that may or may not have had anything to do with their performance/durability

But yeah, any SSR has a sidewall which is 3x thicker than any BFGoodrip (but that's not hard to do)
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Keith_L said:
Sorry Blown, couldnt' resist. So the GY MT will be better than the SSR.... but you don't know about the SSR LOL

Edited my post for clarity, butt breath! :drinkbud
78Bronco4x4 said:
WHat are the road manners of the tsl swampers?

the road manners of the tsl well they will find every grove in the road they are loud
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