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I was looking at summit racing and the superchargers are made for 1988-1996... how come it won't fit my 87 EB? they are all EFI and i don't think the motors were ever changed? can anyone help with this? what about one for my bronco?
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if its a 351, it is not EFI. which engine you have would also be helpful.
it said it was set for the 5.0/5.8/Bronco/f series i have a 5.0 EFI

The kit should have some sort of way to re-program the computer. There were changes in the computers in ifrst few EFI years. The acutal supercharger will fit any Truck with a EFI smallblock and a serp belt. But you may have to find a new computer and adjust the harness for it all to work

Get the kit and see if it works, summit takes returns :duh
you'll either have to get a custom EPROM burned for you or convert to mass air. speed density isn't robust enough to respond to forced induction. it's going to be quite expensive also (if you have someone else do a mass air conversion ~$2k on top of the $2.5k you'll drop for the supercharger kit). if you can convert it yourself and possibly run late model lightning MAF and injectors (42 pounders!) you might be able to get away with the mass air conversino for under $500 using all used parts from salvage yards or ebay.

good luck. email me if you have any questions as i'm not in this forum on a regular basis ([email protected]). there was a guy on a while ago (when i used to check this site and MBB on a regular basis) that called himself ARCANE and was quite knowledgable on the topic (fuel injection engineer...literally).
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Those kits come with a chip to handle the speed density . how else would they be able to sell a kit for our trucks if it didnt work.
I put a powerdyne on my 302 with a speed density cam and huge heads. It ran with speed density but, I had Idle problems and it was rich, lean, or just right at higher rpm. I switched from speed density to mas. If you blow a stock motor It should work. The blower with huge heads could not be compensated for by speed density. You may be able to change your map sensor and get the blower to work with speed density and more than a stock engine. I noticed map sensors for the ricers that are made to tune for a blower or turbo. They are rated for like two atmospheres. I know nothing about them for the bronc.

I also went to 30 lb. injectors calibrated to a 70mm mass airflow meter/housing. I was a little lean and wanted more flow after I did the mas conversion.
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