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Does anyone know where to get a Superduty master cylinder with the plastic reservoir? I checked a couple autoparts stores and they dont come with reservoirs. They dont sell them seperate either. I found one on ebay, but I prefer to go new. Also, is there a junkyard truck with a proportional valve or is that strickly a aftermarket item. (I'm not going ABS on this project)

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yo, ANDY & BOSSIND installed the plastic type from E350s in their broncos; see post by Andy in his 90 here;

In Boss's install post, he wrote; "...Bought the boost off of ebay its for a 2001 e450/f450..."

PM Andy; haven't seen him here for a few months though.

this is by Ford at Econoline#Search
Brake Master Cylinder
with speed control - - with booster ID# XC25-2B559-E* ``BEFORE 10/26/01''; Master cylinder
BRMC-54 $160.40

Brake Master Cylinder
without speed control - with booster ID# XC25-2B559-FC ``FROM 10/06/98 TO 10/26/01''; Master cylinder $198.57

Brake Master Cylinder
Superduty; Master cylinder $366.56 Add to cart
Brake Master Cylinder
Superduty ``FROM 05/02/99''; Master cylinder $263.95

Buyer's Guide Results
Part Number: BRMC54
Description: Brake Master Cylinder
Manufacturer: Motorcraft
Years: 1999-2003
Applications: 112
Results Per Page 10 25 50 75
Years Make Model Engine Qty per Vehicle
2003 Ford E-250 All Engines 1
1999-2002 Ford E-250 Econoline All Engines 1
2003 Ford E-350 All Engines 1
1999-2002 Ford E-350 Econoline All Engines 1
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