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Hi Guys........We're restoring a '91 Bronco with the 351W and 55K original miles on it.

When we fist got the rig, it was doing that typical "Bronco idle surge" problem where it would always idle at between 1200 - 1500 RPM and never lower. I replaced the IAC thinking that was the problem but found the source to actually be that one of the computers had gone bad. We replaced the computer and it now starts and idles perfectly at about 800 RPM and accelerates well.

The problem now is that it surges while crusing down the road but goes away under hard acceleration. Not something you can see on the tach but rather can feel and it's really irritating. It's almost like it's some kind of a fuel issue........or that it's running too lean. I can't find any reference to this issue on the site so I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas. I'd sure appreciate any thoughts you guys might have.

Thanks in advance.

Portland, Oregon
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