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swapping my 82 bronco to a 7.3L diesel WOOOO!!

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hey whats up everyone well i resontley distroyed two different broncos, i blew my 82's 351w*i hydro locked it*, and then i blew my 88's 5.0 driving in the middle of no where aka.KING RANCH.:duh so i thought to myself i want a diesel so, my brother had a 91 f350 dually with the naturally asperated 7.3L diesel and we said screw it diesel bronco sounds good. well we started the swap bye ripping apart the f350 after the night before we pulled two trucks out with it. i plan on posting many pictures of the transformation:chili: , we already got the diesel out and already got the bronco ripped apart. our major problem so far is going to be changing the zf 2 wheel drive standard into a 4 wheel drive. so me and my bro got the awesome idea of taking our gear drive case and MAKING IT A DIVORCE:smilie_slap yeah i said make it. ok well ill shut up already and try and post some pics.
wish me luck everyone:thumbup
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Just for clarification...You dont see this particular project working, or you dont see a diesel swap into ANY bronco working?

Vetteboy, and one other guy(cant remember his name)have already posted their results on the diesel swaps.

both are pretty slick, but both also required an insane amount of work.
I just dont see it working on a straight up swap with out changed out all that is involved.
Dude, stop making 14 posts to tell a can put more than 1 pic and sentence in a post.

Otherwise, dont listen to the naysayers. More pics!
Hey all you assholes quit discouraging the project :twak

Keep us posted on the swap
Ur an idiot
Now comes time for the front clip

why didnt you do that before you pulled the motor...would have been a hella lot easyer, just my oppinion tho...cary on :thumbup
now getting the 7.3 to run on its own power, we made a little stand and put it all back together out side the truck to make life easier with it goes in.

And she runs!!!!! Loud as can be with the strait pipes in garage !!!!
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why didnt you do that before you pulled the motor...would have been a hella lot easyer, just my oppinion tho...cary on :thumbup
My little bro had alread taken the trany and tcase off before i had gotten there so it was only two bolts to get the motor out or i would have done it first
That is where we are at in this project and did not get much done today because of rain, but i will keep you up to date as the project continues. Any advice is welcome, if anybody has any ideas on short cuts or anything at all ask!
derrick36 said:
No one wants you here.
end yourself.
He is right. You might want to leave.
it's not that I don't like him here, I feel he is over his head. It's sad that he has to butcher up 3 rigs for him to realize that. But you know what though, it's not his fault, he's not to blame. His mom should have swallowed.:thumbup
Lemme tell you something. If I wanna butcher up 3 rigs to do something I wanna do, Im gonna do it. If you dont want to, dont do it.

Thats like saying everybody with badass rigs on here has butchered up other rigs they got the parts from.
its been done, and done well, ive seen vetteboy's bronco, and its sweettt, and yea the swap takes alot of work and fab time but maybe they have both those things.

o and about chopping up 3 trucks to make one good one, its done with cars all the time. hell my 79 with a 460 had 4 parts trucks that were ok, but not what the final product could be. so let em do it, sit back and deal
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