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Wheeling at Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch 4/29

:rockon Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch

Supposed to leave at 4.
Finally left at 7:00 after running around all day trying to get things fixed and in order.
Got to the Off-Road Ranch at 12 or 1am. Still better than last time when we left at 6:30 and got there at 3:30am.(long story and a broken truck along the way).
This time it just rained/down poured on us most of the way, which made for an interesting drive with 2 bad windshield wipers and a worn-out wiper motor that worked once in awhile, all while towing a trailer with a 5200lb bronco on the back. Not fun.
After sleeping in a cold wet puddle of water, I finally rolled out of the tent around 8. Started working on all the little stuff I didn’t get done on the bronco.
Finally get on the trails at 11.
At 11:30 I was on the main trail and looking at the awesome scenery, when we were slammed to a sudden stop from 5-10 miles an hour. We hit a stump I didn’t see. Go to back up and the front wheels each decide to go there own way. Broken tie rod adjusting sleeve. Tear it all apart, I also ruined the castle nut and threads on the outer tie rod in the process by hammering it out of the knuckle.
Bolted what was left of the sleeve back onto the tie rod and use copper wire to hold the tie rod to the knuckle and drove back to camp. Ran to O’Reilly’s to get a new adjusting sleeve and tire rod. They only had the tie rod, but while Matt and I were there we picked up a few other necessary items we needed like wiper blades for the F-250 and a new wiper motor, as well as some exhaust clamps for the low-hanging exhaust.
Finally get back to the park after a quick stop at Sonic for a Coney dog and tater tots at around 1. Bolt everything back together, and head back out.
We hit quite a few trails; the best was going down Beaver Dam, which was basically a slow-dropping waterfall.
The last trail we hit was Larry’s Hill. It was a sloppy mess of mud and rocks. Once we got past the first major uphill part, we then get to the massive mud pit Bill had been creating because he was stuck. He broke an axle shaft and eventually had to winch the rest of the way up the hill.
I just tried to turn around and go back down it, but the hill was to slick and I just slid into the muddy mess. I proceeded to make Bill’s hillside mud pit much deeper and worse until I couldn’t move anymore. Had to get winched up past the mud, then I made it out the rest of the way.
Go back to Camp, cleaned up and we all went to town to a local pizza joint that was out of pizza. We made do with meatball subs, hot wings and a Reuben sandwich.
10:30p.m. made it back to camp drank 2 beers and went to sleep. It was a long Very wet day.

Slept in Bills Bronco’s back seat, which was warm and dry enough, but also a good place to make my bones ache from being uncomfortable.
7:00a.m. Got up. Didn’t have to fix any broken parts as soon as I got up which was a first.
Got the F-250 ready to go and hooked up the trailer while people were still waking up. Packed all the supplies away.
Made it back out on the trails about 9:00 or so. I was dying to go climb that waterfall on Beaver Dam and I got my chance. It was AWSOME. Unfortunately as my luck has it, Bills video camera ran out of tape about ¼ of the way back down the falls. And Matt was riding with me so we didn’t get pictures either. Oh well, maybe next time.
Then we played around in some more water crossings and I decided to try Rocker Knocker again. I made it over the first major obstacle but then I broke my front driveshaft on the second big obstacle. I couldn’t get it back together with spare parts, so I decided to turn around and make my way back out the entrance in 2wd. Made it with no problems.
All we had left to do now was drive back to camp. Well, after 2 days of raining, the main trail was starting to pick up a little water, and there is a big ledge to climb that you HAVE to do in order to continue on the main road, more problems. I tried it first and couldn’t get past the ledge. I backed down and let Bill go. He tried it a few times and finally full-throttled over the ledge but then couldn’t make it much farther in the soupy mud/rock mess. He had to keep winching all the way to the top to get out of it. I eventually got over the ledge and almost made it all the way up, but had to stop because Bill was still winching. Once I tried moving again, it was back to sloppy muddy rocks and I was only making back word progress. Since it was to messy for Bill to try and winch me up, I had to wait for Brandon, one of the owners to show up with his rock buggy to winch me out. Once he got me moving I was able to drive the rest of the way out. What a mess.
We planned on leaving at noon, by the time we finally got back to camp it was 3:30.
Packed up, fueled up, drove home without incident except for a tire blowout on my trailer. At least I had a spare and at least it was still daylight!
All in all it was a good trip. WET, but cool because the trails aren’t usually as wet as they were and not normally water crossings like there were. Two Thumbs UP!:thumbup :thumbup

Total Carnage:
1 broken axle shaft.
1 broken front driveshaft u-bolt
2 flat trailer tires
1 flat gumbo mudder
1 Broken door
More trim torn off.


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Hopefully I'll go back this summer again! This trip actually wasn't to stressful at all once we were there, and after I got my tie rod fixed. Better than last year when we went and my front driveshaft kept coming apart!
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