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I bought that, and it doesn't work very well on my 93.

It leaks dirt and water (Mainly runoff from the widow through the fuzzy tailgate-window seal and out the holes in the bottom of the 'gate.) all along the bottom of the seal. On the corners and sides it does fair, but I'm still not very impressed. The stock seal was far superior before the heat and age killed it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, to make this even more unappealing, I have 1/2" of supplimentary weather stripping on the tailgate and it STILL leaks. I had the supplimentary strip on there is a temp. fix before I knew about JBG or LMC and didn't want to give the Ford place an arm and a leg for their peice. In hindsight, I probably should have bitten the bullet and bought the Ford place seal.

Try LMC, I have never used their stuff; but I have never heard anything bad about them.
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