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Okay... so I'm not driving my truck right now because of the transmission but I will be in about another week or so (if I don't go to the coast to work). Either way, I've got some down time and I've been driving my truck for a year with NO inspection sticker (haven't been pulled over at all either), reason being: the passenger brake lights and blinker wouldn't work when I got it, so my dad I piggy backed off the front blinker and ran wire to the rear to make it work. I'm pretty good with wiring and stuff, but trying to track everything down and sort through it is getting more and more difficult. I think the last time I looked for a solution I replaced the flasher relay under the dash and had no luck with that. I can't seem to find the short or split in the wiring and it seems like ford wired the brake lights into each other but not the blinkers.

At any rate, it's unsafe and makes me un-easy to drive with only one brake light.

Anybody got some info for me?
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