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taking throttle body off

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Tps and throttle body...

Is the throttle body asse,bly just bolted on?

I want to take the whole thing off one of these days, and clean it extremely well...Along with replacing the TPS sensor. Anyone have pics of the disassembly process....I cant mess up with pics:goodfinge
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Don't be a pu$$y Drilim :goodfinge

There is a bolt in each corner, a total of 4 bolts. (4 corners = 4 bolts) :goodfinge

Remove the throttle cable / cruise cable / trans kickdown. They just POP off, no tools needed

Remove the coolant hoses from the top and bottom

Pull the throttle body towards you.

If you need more help than this, please pay someone to fix everything else that ever brakes on your truck :goodfinge

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Bah! I hate you all! I just dont wanna break it, Bish. Leave me alone, IM young and dumb...and broke. :goodfinge :twak :goodfinge

Oh well, It was funny :beer
If you brake it call me I have 2 of those throttle bodies just lay'n around. But I doubt you would, even Ice could do this LOL
you know what's kinda weird... i took that thing off a long time ago to clean it and there was a sticker on the inside that said "do not clean throttle body surface" or something to that affect... i guess they're worried about a halfass clean job that just knocks loose gunk down into the engine?
im going to buy an edelbrock one for more power
Don't waste your cash.....I got a smoking deal on one off ebay and if my stock one had'nt been totally thrashed and in need of replacement, I would have been kinda annoyed at wasting the cash on that mod....It makes so little difference it's not worth the money. Just keep cleaning the one you got.......Fog

On a side note the reason Ford says not to clean the TB is that they coated them with some kinda silcone no-stick crap and when you clean them the coating comes off, and then the TB will need to be cleaned more often......They just wanted you to spend the extra 600.00 bucks for a new one everytime yours gets dirty.....Fog
:stupid Don't do it. It is a waste of money.
I bought the 61mm BBK and the couple 10 or
15 horse it gave me was a real pisser.
For the money I spent I expected a lot more.

Buy the way one of my butterflies froze up the
first time it got water in it so I took it off and
put the stock one back on.

Unless you have Mass Air, I don't think you'll be happy at all.
a throttle body wont do you any bit of good unless the rest of your systems can handle the additional intake flow. so in other words if your still running stock exhaust, heads and cam . the intake wont make any noticeable difference.

Replaced the TPS and cleaned the throttle body earlier today. Holy crap, What a difference. I have been trying to pinpoint the exact reason acceleration from a stop or in first gear was so bad for about the last 3 or 4 months.

The throttle body was gross behind the butterfly valves..Black and probably 1/8 inch build up. I just cleaned it 3 months ago, But you cant get it as clean as it needs to be while its attached to the truck.

The tps was worn looking.. the plastic was showing age from 9 1/2 years of use. The heat was startint to take its toll i believe.

Anyway, It was well worth it. The TPS was 28.99 from Discount, and a bottle of CRC air intake cleaner. Total was about $33, and an hour or so, Including time to take refuge from the sun.

Mucho difference.
Fireguy50 said:
Remove the coolant hoses from the top and bottom
Yeah, permanently.

Use only tb cleaner, not just plain old carb cleaner
I havent had coolant lines on my tb for over a year, Spliced them together forever ago. Also, I used throttle body approved cleaner, Not Carb cleaner.:goodfinge
What purpose does it serve to remove the coolant lines permanantly?
coolant lines on the Throttle body heat it up. hot throttle body, heats the air. when air heats up it expands. expanded air is less air. less air needs less fuel. less air and fuel yeild less power.

remove them lines gives you a cooler air charge, which as you can guess, zoom zoom
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