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Taurus Fan Relay ... S55 ... Installation with Pictures

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ok i just bought mine. i have used part number after part number. it seems that when i get it nailed down, and make a note, before i can buy it they change stuff. i have used [email protected], [email protected] also. oh i was told it was a golf cart relay.

this is from o'reileys in kansas.

on the box
master pro ignition

they looked it up and it was S55
it says
bwd S55
std SS584
nie UN140A

bar code
0 16691 03970 0

its 80 continous, 160 peak

there were 3 versions/brands. one was $35 the other was $26 and this was $18 and thats right in my range

hope this helps someone
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Advance auto here doesn't carry the P/N S55 relay.
well ill get pics when i get it working. i have been chasing the electrical gremlins thru my system, but its not related to the fan or relay

the relay may have another number of your side of the country. you may have to talk the guys into taking the book off the shelf and looking it up. oh and the local advance and autozone could not look up or cross reference the part number i got from o'reiley's so i took the part back in to show them after i bought it from o'reiley's and they just looked at it and scratched their heads

try U1453, st36, s5057, ss134 and see what they can pull up.
bwd S55 is manufactured by Borg Warner, they can use that number to cross over to their brand.
ok here we go...first pic. just a test run, its smaller than the radiator br far. i am making a shroud, but not for this one. i want to wait til i get the 545

i sleeved the wires and they all run down to the relay

if this looks strange, its because its upside down. i just stuck the camera in there, the leads from the switch and from the fan will connect to a smaller relay that will mount next to the big one
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does that fan cool your truck?? it seems small.... but i'm new to the world of bronco's i just know this mechanical fan is a killer..

when it runs, the truck i mean, that fan will keep it cool at idle sitting in my drive for 30 minutes. it will keep it cool driving as well, but airflow alone will do that. when i get the shroud fabricated it should be perfect as it will draw air thru all of the radiator, top to bottom.
here you go. 30A lighting relay, tapped power & ground off the bigger relay. on low, it stays cool, straight up on the NORMAL gauge.

simple really
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